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The New Entrepreneur TraDigital Marketing Education & Business Management Platform for Small Business Owners!


 A Million Masters Academy is for Start-up entrepreneurs, Home Based Business owners, as well as brick & mortar business owners in their local communities all across America. To be a successful Entrepreneur it requires the right kind of individual that possesses an attitude of personal commitment and dedication as well as a willingness to build around correct and proven principles. We teach and refresh you with all of the latest technologies, techniques and resources you need to be successful in today and tomorrow's business Space.


Being A Master Entrepreneur Requires A Crystallized Vision

Accompanied with  A Commitment, Willingness & Positive Attitude For Absolute Success!  

To be a Premier  Entrepreneur, and To be successful in today's new marketplace it requires more than commitment, willingness, and attitude. It demands the application, development and consistent implementation of the most current technologies and resources available. It requires being up-to-date and even out in front of the current trends in your specific Space.


What Is Your Space? Once you have decided to be an entrepreneur it is time to decide where your strengths and weakness are. At our training camp we will help you determine the most productive space (industry) you will fill. Probably the number one most important choice you will ever make. This space needs to be very specific to who you are and what you can do. This is the "Why" you are becoming an entrepreneur, or the why you should keep doing what you are doing, only adapting all the new tools and readily available resources. 

Today Small Business Success Takes


A Team With 2020 Vision For Your Success

Our Team of professional entrepreneurs will  provide all the tools, training and support you will need to get your life and your business on track to be the most successful entrepreneur. And then we will be there for you throughout the duration of your business.

At A Million Masters Academy... 

Our Objective is to provide a powerful Digital training platform for our exclusive membership alliance for Entrepreneurs who possess Real Passion To Be Successful in their overall business journey!



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Our goal is to assist the millions of entrepreneurs everywhere,

  • to build their businesses

  • promote their products and services

  • generate business leads and contacts

  • connect with new business relationships

  • find new partnerships

  • and most of all...


To bring them all into the TraDigital Age of Marketing and business development.  

Why Million Masters Academy...

The Entrepreneurs Academy is a powerful training  system for current and future business owners across America to come and learn about and utilize a variety of Turnkey TraDigital Technologies and Business Development Tools & Resources!

We provide a very affordable Business Education & training System

through online webinars and classes as well as live workshops and seminars. You will be trained in A Variety of TraDigital Marketing Strategies featuring automated posting and social network management technologies, automated lead generation tools, business development and marketing strategies, and much more. All Associated directly with the new Tradigital Marketing platform we have developed.



We also Offer training in the Most effective means of Boot Strapping your Startup! So many Small business entrepreneurs are boot strapping their business today and we want to help provide the best and most high quality tools and resources..

We Are Currently Scheduling The ...

Webinars, Seminars, Podcasts, Live Video Presentations and Boot Camp Extravaganzas!

This is our most powerful and effective 3 day Boot Camp & Work Shop that virtually takes you from pre-startup to actual revenue by the end of your class. You will come out with a perfect vision of your goals and objectives with your own personally developed   business map for success.


We only accept the most serious and committed Entrepreneurs to participate in our PV2020 Boot Camp. When you qualify for this course we will take you from a mere  "want-to-be" entrepreneur, to a full blown, highly trained and operating, business owner, through our powerful 20 step program to success.


We will have you in business with customers and revenue projected with in the first 30 days of the course.


This is a $10,000 program that will be offered to the first 100 qualifying entrepreneurs at an unbelievable discount. You just won't believe what is included in this package, so if you are truly interested in becoming a successful entrepreneur, click here and see for yourself. And then be one of the first to apply!


Boot Camp Details:

  1. Maximum 25 Qualified entrepreneurs per 3 day boot camp (See Qualifications)

  2. Four (4) special priced and packaged boot camps Jan thru Feb 2020 ( See Schedule)

  3. $2,020 per attendee ( See potential save up to 40% ) 

  4. First Four Boot Camp Participants receive:

  • $5,000 1 Year Multi-Channel Marketing Package ( see package details)

  • 20% discount on all Tradigicom360 marketing tools and resource

  • Tablet with all tools and resources for use during and after Camp

  • And More

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"How The Small Local  Businesses Can Compete with the Big Box Stores... And Become The Biggest Business In Town"!

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#1. The New


Are you thinking about starting a business and not sure where to start?  Let us help you do it better than it has ever been done before. We can help you with all the tools and training you will ever need and provide the greatest support any new entrepreneur has ever had.

#3. Current Business


Now, you can grow your existing business easier and more affordable than ever before with our amazing marketing platform targeting local audiences with a national presence.  Local is our strength with the most powerful lead generation tools designed to meet your specific needs.

#2. New Business


Here you will find everything you need to build, develop, manage, operate and market your business. Not only the knowledge and tools but an amazing platform that will keep you in front of your local or national audience every day, as well as provide you with all of the data we consistently track for all your analytical needs.

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Entrepreneur... Here! 

Register your business with us Today, and start growing with expert business owners/Entrepreneurs advising you along the way. And, get access to all of our powerful, current marketing tools and resources. 

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In the next few weeks we are going to be introducing an exciting array of personal and business training courses on line. If you are interested we would like to hear from you. What type of classes would you like to have?

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