Monthly Membership Details

$200 / Monthly Plan Includes:

Full Center Access as per the following specifics - 12 hours per day!

(1). Lobby, Lounge and Kitchen Area

This area in our center offers a receptionist, copiers, Fax and printers for the use of all members. Receptionist is just for directing your clientele, reserving rooms, registering guests and managing all aspects of the center 

(2). 16 hrs/month - Conference Room use: (Reg rate =$25/hr- 2hr Min.)

Our big conference room has a log cabin atmosphere with beautiful rustic wood on all the walls. Very tall ceilings give this room a rustic yet professional feel for entertaining a board room group of 10 to 12 attendees or cam convert to a class room for 25 people.

(3). 40 hours/month - Personal office use: (Reg rate =$10/hr)

We have three styles of office settings to choose from. Two (2) small offices, (1) medium and (1)  larger and more secluded or private office. There are locking cabinets in each room that can be utilized for storage of files, books or other items you wish to leave at the office. for a small extra monthly fee!

(4). 16 hours /month - Large event room-(Reg rate =$25/hr, 4hr min.)

Room will seat... 200 People class room style, or... 130 people with 40 tables​. Over head projector and great sound system through out the room. Rear entry door for convenient room setup.

(5). 20 hours/month - Class room use: (Reg rate =$25/hr 2hr min.)

We have 4 class room settings to choose from. (2) that will hold 20 students, (1) that will hold 50 (1)  that will hold 25. There are chairs and a few tables available. One class room has a 40 inch monitor, others will have projectors with drop down screens. White boards are available.


Policies and Procedures (P&P) (Click Here for complete MSIC P&P compliance)

Reservations All class rooms, offices and events room must be reserved at least 24 hrs in advance. A minimum of two hours reserved time is required.

Maintenance Member is responsible for all set up, take down of all chairs and clean up for each reserved room.

No children are allowed with out special arrangements with the center manager.

Noise level  must be managed by participants  in order to preserve the quality of the center environment. MSI Center manager reserves the right to adjust scheduled events to help curve noise annoyance. 

Agreement: A 12 month contract agreement is required in order to receive the special pricing and building access included in this package.

Click here to review and sign contract.


Membership Activation:

After you have agreed and signed the Agreement you will receive a digital Pay Pal Invoice for payment. Membership will begin upon receipt of payment to MSIC. Go To Agreement...