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Let's Review!

Do you want to present your Business Opportunities to a variety of prospective entrepreneurs & future business owners ? 

We are providing an opportunity for business opportunity owners to display their services to prospective entrepreneurs. We are encouraging Bus opp providers to display and or present in a booth or Class room setting. This is a perfect opportunity for people who are working during the week to come out on a Saturday and explore a potential Business Opportunity.


We are expecting hundreds of attendees each Saturday. Their will also be classes on "How to" choose a business, prepare for the business opportunity, Funding a business, writing a business plan, and many more topics related to business ownership and managing.

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Biz Opp Booth and/or Class Room Registration.. 

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"Small Business + A Single Platform x TraDigital Strategies= GREATEST SUCCESS"
Local Consumers will finally experience the true form of shopping local. Your customers will see more, and have greater access to relevant products and services that can be
purchased in their communities.