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In Your Unique & Chosen Space

Unlike any other business academy, we go way beyond the educational parameters to provide a full turnkey B2B and B2C platform of TraDigital marketing tools and services that support everything we teach.  


We offer a variety of all the latest technologies, software and viral marketing tools needed for a full-scale marketing, promoting and advertising system, essential to your long term success!

 Our academy is for Start-up entrepreneurs, Home Based Business owners, as well as brick & mortar business owners in their local communities all across America. To be a successful Entrepreneur it requires the right kind of individual that possesses an attitude of personal commitment and dedication as well as a willingness to build around correct and proven principles. We teach and refresh you with all of the latest techniques and resources you need to be successful in today and tomorrow's Space.


To be successful in today's new marketplace it requires more than commitment, willingness, and attitude. It demands the application, development and consistent implementation of the most current technologies and resources available. To be a Premier  Entrepreneur, It requires being up-to-date and even out in front of the current trends in your specific Space.


What Is Your Space? Once you have decided to be an entrepreneur it is time to decide where your strengths and weakness are. This will help determine the most productive space (industry) you will fill. Probably the number one most important choice you will ever make. This space needs to be very specific to who you are and what you can do. This is the "Why" you are becoming an entrepreneur


Who's Your Team. Iit requires a strong dedicated team of uniquely skilled professionals to manage and direct the daily affairs of your chosen industy

If You Are Ready To Become a "Master Entre-Premier...

BizTrend Solutions (BTS) is the only team

you will ever need. 

What to expect...
You'll find workshops, Seminars, Boot Camps & Expo's! Every Week Is about Empowering Our "Entrepreneurs" with the Education and Technologies, Tools and Training for Greater Success in their new journey in life. 

What Makes Great Entrepreneurs? 

The most powerful and successful entrepreneurs are the ones who incorporate family and community into their entire business structure. Your purpose should never be the money. That will come if you do everything right. Your objective should always be for the betterment of your family lifestyle while providing a worthwhile service or product that will enhance the lives of the citizens in your community.
Please take minute and watch this short video from the Kauffman Group that sheds a litle light on the matter!

Licensee's Introductory training outline

e are excited to offer one of the most innovative education, wtraining and coaching programs to all of our Licensee Entrepreneurs throughout Utah and surrounding states.


We are bringing together some of the most experienced and successful entrepreneurs in the area to teach, educate, mentor and coach all of our licensees and local business owners who are serious about starting, building and/or growing their business.


In these 4 to 8 hour Entrepreneur Intensives you will participate in a more clear understanding about what it is that truly drives you, as well as exploring your strengths and weeknesses. It is our philosophy that a person who truly knows themself can be so much more efficiant in connecting, sharing and networking with others.    

The following is an outline for the First Entrepreneurship Training week that is required for all of our new Community and Region Managers as well as the Community Associate licensees. All are required to complete this course before they can function as a license inn their chosen communities. 

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BTSMM Entrepreneur Training Outline