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Today, there are too many people coming into the business arena with too little knowledge and understanding of what it means to be an entrepreneur in the new business arena. They don't realize that contrary to popular belief, things have changed. Even a lot of current business owners have not accepted that fact.


But, the fact is all the new digital technology has changed the game, and to the better, if it is used correctly. The biggest challenge to all is that, there are very few business planners, builders and developers out there, that know or understand how to effectively build and apply, the powerful new network of digital tools available. And, like everything else...

There is a right way and a wrong way...


Wrong Way!

I have visited with hundreds of entrepreneurs over the last few years, and heard story after story of the struggles and failures they have experienced, and all due to the same problem. They went it alone with no community nor team behind them. 


I have found, and even experienced it myself, that many new business owners in America usually try to start their businesses at the kitchen table, in the garage, or in their unfinished basement, on a table, out in the middle of a cement floor, with a floor heater or a fan for air conditioning. At best they connect with a local new business incubator or a local SCORE Chapter.


Well, the last two are better than the first three, but to me, they are similar to a good drug rehab program, They teach a lot of what you need to know but they put you out on the street into the same environment you came in from with no ongoing support network. 


Right Way!

What is a Startup


Here at BizTrend Solutions Startup Community, we go way beyond just delivering the educational fundamentals that we all so desperately need for an out-the-door, kick start, Life-long, support network. One that includes our most innovative, never available before, platforms for  e-commerce and business marketing,  like you have never seen before.



We offer a variety of all the latest technologies, software and viral marketing tools needed for a full-scale marketing, promoting and advertising system, essential to your long term success!

We also provide a full turnkey B2B and B2C platform of TraDigital marketing tools and services that support  everything we teach. It's truly a complete Start to revenue and beyond, total success system just waiting for you to bring your commitment and ideas on board.

So, Our Question to You Is...

Are You Ready To Do Things Right To Become

a "Master Entrepreneur?

If So...Here is Where you Start...

 "5 Steps To Launched"

#1.Make Your Commitment

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#2.Develop Your Comprehensive  Plan

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#3.Build Your


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#4.Define Your Marketing


#5.Serve Your MarketPlace

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Startup to Revenue In 60 Days!

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Training Outline - Entrepreneur -Business Owner

  • 5 - 8hr Training Days - One per week - First 30 day start to launch

  • 5-2 hr days - One per week for 4 weeks after launch (6th, 7th, 8th, 9th weeks)

First Week: Step #1. Making a Personal Commitment ... to be an Entrepreneur!

Second Week: Step #2. Choosing a business & Prepare business plan 

Third Week: Step #3. Develop website, E-commerce & physical location, social media, and marketing plan.

Fourth Week:Step #4. Establish marketing plan. Identify and secure tools and resources for marketing. Prepare to promote products/services, attract customers, generate revenue..

Fifth Week:Step #5. Pre-Launch week. Launch test marketing plan. Implement Multi-channel presence to promote products/services, Launch Intro coupon to attract customers, Sell products and services ... generate revenue.

Sixth Week #6. Official Launch week -2. Evaluate marketing plan, Multi-channel presence and activity in promotions of products/services. Review return on Intro coupons, Review customers activities and social media results. Make necessary adjustments or additions as needed.

7th, 8th, 9th weeks. Official Launch month -2. Monitor and Evaluate marketing plan, Multi-channel presence and activity in promotions of products/services. Review return on Intro coupons, Review customers activities and social media results. Make necessary adjustments or additions as needed. Enjoy added revenue.

GLS Licensee Training Camp

Licensee's Introductory training outline

e are excited to offer one of the most innovative education, wtraining and coaching programs to all of our Licensee Entrepreneurs throughout Utah and surrounding states.


We are bringing together some of the most experienced and successful entrepreneurs in the area to teach, educate, mentor and coach all of our licensees and local business owners who are serious about starting, building and/or growing their business.

What to expect...
You'll find workshops, Seminars, Boot Camps & Expo's! Every Week Is about Empowering Our "Entrepreneurs" with the Education and Technologies, Tools and Training for Greater Success in their new journey in life. 


  • In these 4 to 8 hour Entrepreneur Intensives you will participate in a more clear understanding about what it is that truly drives you, as well as exploring your strengths and weeknesses. It is our philosophy that a person who truly knows themself can be so much more efficiant in connecting, sharing and networking with others.    

The following is an outline for the First Entrepreneurship Training week that is required for all of our new Community and Region Managers as well as the Community Associate licensees. All are required to complete this course before they can function as a license inn their chosen communities. 

See Class schedule