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"Imagine taking all that's right about Traditional Marketing and combining it with the savvy of digital to create advertising packages that would establish and facilitate a consistent and clear communication between geo targeted market places across every media,


Selling Retail Online In Your Own Online Store


You can easily access our City Clickers SuperStore from your own community and ad unlimited products and services to be marketed directly to the local consumers for no upfront cost. We'll even help you get your stuff listed and then we will market it for you. You only pay us when we make a sale happen.


No Up Front Costs


Now any business can get its products or services online with no "0" upfront costs. We market and sell your listed products and take a small 15% of the sale price and send you the rest immediately. That's right... you get an order and payment (less the 15%) within minutes of the online sale.


Customer picks up at Your Location


Then all you have to do is prepare the order for the customer to come by your store and pick it up, unless you have arranged to do it differently on the order page


We Do The Promotion


Throughout the Holiday Season, starting now, we will be heavily promoting online and offline shopping and gift purchasing opportunities at participating local businesses



Did you know that More than 85% of the Small businesses in America do not offer products or services for purchase online! That's a problem we want to help solve.  It's time all of our local businesses get online and "Quit Forcing" the local online shoppers to shop the big box stores. ​Our local economies need small business shopping this holiday.


We need local consumers to spend at the local businesses to keep money circulating locally as well as keeping the tax dollars local. Online shoppers will help create more local jobs and boost the overall economy in each community.




The Most Powerful TraDigital Marketing Platform For Local Businesses!

It is here... the most powerful, innovative and revolutionary single platform, turnkey, SaaS solution, for providing small businesses with all of their e-commerce, Social media, marketing, advertising and promotion in "One Place".


It is the access to all local media, Internet, E-mail, Text messaging, Social media, Radio, TV, Print, Video, Blogs, etc. all Bundle and delivered through one powerful platform, to your most relevant consumer base possible.


Now, small businesses can reach their local consumers in a specific market area all through a variety of our TraDigital marketing packages allowing the consumer to more easily search, find and purchase their local products or services in their local markets.

It's time to take your business down the TraDigital Marketing road! 
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Now You Can Get Your Business Marketed Locally ...

Starting Right In Your Neighborhood & Get Exposure To The Largest Number of Potential Customers Available in Your Community. 

Currently Launching in UTAH... and soon to have a national presence in over 50,000 Cities offering a variety of services. Here are just a few you will find...

E-Mail & Text


Video Production

& Marketing

Including Radio, TV and Print Ads


Choose one of our “turnkey solutions” on our powerful (SaaS) platform to manage yourself or have us manage it all for you!

Explore a full choice of packaged services... 

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Reserve the community you living and start working from home and earning a lucrative residual Income!

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  • Banner Ads

  • Coupons

  • Directory listings

  • Video production & Posts

  • Social media 

  • Txt Message Marketing

  • & so much more

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Weekly Training Classes



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"Small Business + A Single Platform x TraDigital Strategies= GREATEST SUCCESS"
Local Consumers will finally experience the true form of shopping local. Your customers will see more, and have greater access to relevant products and services that can be
purchased in their communities.