It's Finally Here...

The Revolution Begins!

Its Long Awaited...
Move Over... Amazon, Walmart, Target & others...

The Most Innovative and Powerful Community Based Marketing Platform that Unites the Locally Owned Businesses, The Consumers & The Local Communities!

We are introducing the most powerful, innovative and closest to market, Small Business Marketing platform for local searching, shopping and purchasing of the most relevant products and services.

Our new platform empowers each online community (city) to be like a local distribution center where each of the local businesses provide their products and services through the center.


The Local Consumer now has an Amazon type single online platform to access local products and services In their community.  


Thousands of Local Businesses now become the single BIGGEST Business in town with searchable and purchasable products and services in one location online!

It's One Platform to List, Market & Sell All Things Community

We Are Disrupting the Local Big Box Domination 

...& Leveling The Playing Field...In The Local Marketplace!


Now Marketing The "Revolutionary" Local Community Distribution Center for Small Businesses

Our Powerful One-Stop Marketing Is...

...competition fierce, In marketplace where positioning is no longer a strategy, It's a must. In order to compete effectively your Small business needs to be found in all available ad channels, and accessible on all devices, and right here and now is where you can find it all. 

Introducing The Amazing Power Of One Platform of..."Turnkey" Services
Multiple Device Accessablitiy
  • One Platform

  • One Address

  • One Provider

  • All Ad Channels

  • All Local Businesses

  • All Local Cities

  • All Local Customers

Local Coupon Directory
One Local Business & Member Directory
Local Classified Ads
Local Homes For Sale
One Products & Services Catalog
Local Job Board
Articles & Blogs Directory
Local Events Calendar
...and so much more!

We are Empowering All...

  • Entrepreneurs

  • New business Startups

  •  Current Business Owners


Our New Single Platform...

Allows powerful leverage in gaining a more generous share of Local Customers.

It All Comes With Professional Management, Coaching,

Training & Ongoing Support Online and Live!

Also Included...

The All-In-One Local Shopping Platform ...



 All Local Community Products
and services Available Online!

Our powerful Single Platform... empowers the local businesses to present the same scale of market presence as the Big Box and Online Shopping Platforms!

Local Small Businesses need to get their products and services listed now. Our goal is to have all businesses online at TrendCity.Buzz so all local shoppers will have access to everything local. 


The local online shopper... needs and wants to search, shop and purchase their local businesses products and services, having a similar shopping experience as they find on Amazon, only with same day access to all orders by utilizing in-store pickup. 

All Available Now At The ...

Get in on our super
Special package deals.  


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 Get your businesses products and services listed in the hottest Trending online Community Distribution Center. Local consumers will be visiting regularly just to see the new trends of the week in their community.  We are encouraging every business in town to list their products or services to be electronically searched shopped and purchased. Help us make this the Trending Place to be in your local distribution center. 

What's Ternding Online @

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What's Trending Offline @ your local

community businesses!

How Do We Make This

All Happen... 

Our New Community Distribution Platform encapsulates the entire community, not just the local Businesses. The Local Consumers can more easily search and scroll about to find thousands of reasons to come to your online community. (The Master lead generator!)

Now even the smallest businesses can compete and win market share away from the likes of Amazon, Walmart, Target and any of the other big box stores. 

By organizing the resources that already exist in every community in America into a single platform that can be searched and shopped just like an Amazon, except even better. 

Our platform allows online access to everything your community has to offer. It also provides for the much needed ability for local residence to support their local economies. 

Join Us Today... and get your business in front of every potential customer in your Market Place.

What's Our Message ...

We are Bringing Business Home !

We're Sending A Message To All
Big Box & Giant Online Retailers...
Move Over...
Small Businesses are back and ready to claim a greater share of the local marketplace!

Our Message To All First Time Entrepreneurs...

Start Ups & Existing Small Business Owners/Managers!

Move In...

It's NOW Possible for"Your Small Business to More Easily Compete With The Biggest Businesses In Town or Online". Start Enjoying an Entirely New Level of Business Success Right in Your Local Community

Get your business on board ...our revolutionary, Omni-channel, single location marketing system that displays, promotes and offers electronic search and purchase of all items in our game changing community distribution center. 

What Is Our Secrete Sauce ...



"The Force of One"

One Platform - One Package - One Provider

All Channels - All Businesses - All Cities - All Local Customers

 Our Powerful, One Of A Kind, Turnkey System...offers everything any small business owner needs...   to be successful in their community marketplace.We offer the most affordable and seamless transition from where you are now, to where you need to be, and still effectively operate your small business.
The Following Items Are the Special Ingredients that Empower our single platform...

One... Internet Nation portal Targeting every state, and every community in each state, as well as providing instant access and retrieval of any local consumer market place in any community in the country.Learn More

One... community platform that supports a duplication of the physical community (a city) of all major cities in every state, starting in Utah. Each state will have their very own comprehensive presence of all things community that can easily be entertainment, restaurants, hotels, events calendars, community government info, chambers of commerce, police, fire, dentists, Dr, etc. Everything community! Learn More 

One... business directory platform where all the local businesses can be found in one place by our on board search engine, or just scrolloing the the categories,making it convenient for the local consumers, travelers, vacationers and all others to find, shop and purchase from the local merchants. Learn More

One... local social and Local Media Resource. We contract with all of the local traditional media providers, as well as the social media platforms, mobile texting, e-mail, online banner advertising and daily coupon listings and deals, targeting the local consumer marketplace to drive consumers to our platform constantly. Our TraDigital Marketing System. Learn More 

One... local consumer portal Targeting the local businesses in their relevant consumer market place. is the only platform on the internet today that currently provides a one stop shop where the local consumer can go online and find all the local businesses. Learn More

One... Coach, Consultant, Mentorsupporting, training and directly assisting local business owners and managers in the utilization of our powerful technological consumer, business platform.Learn More 

The Only all-in-one online community marketing platform!

As you can see, The Force Of One strategy provides a comprehensive Software As A Servise (SaaS) single platform application that offers an amazing  opportunity for any new Entrepreneur, New Startup Business owners, as well as existing Small Businesses, to become a part of our powerful, all encompassing, strength in numbers, turnkey, packaged business marketing solutions.

Once Your Business Is On Our Platform...

We Market It Daily!

Our TraDigital Business Marketing System 

...provides the most comprehensive, Traditional and Digital, Omni-Channel, Multi Media, Multi device services, all included in a variety of valuable packaged consumer targeting services bundled for Small Businesses. 


Our Marketing Tools consists of a uniquely packaged group of Traditional and Digital services that provides a complete innovative marketing process. One that takes place within the geographic region of a specifically defined community, targeting its distinct consumer population. It's referred to as Geo-Fencing or Geo Targeting.

Our Bundled TraDigital Services...

 Direct mail  (5,000 Home Community Mailer Monthly)     

Get your products or services exposed to 5000 homes every month targeted to your local community consumers.

 Click to see more...


E-mail Newsletter Marketing Campaign

(Your Coupon link in our e-mail to more than 5000 Local prospective customers weekly) Each week via our TrendCity Buzz Newsletter  Learn more...


Personal Business  e-mail campaign

Prepared specific to your needs and targeted directly to your customer list. This is a custom campaign designed to reach your market within the budget you desire.  Learn More...


Text Message Marketing Campaigns

(Your Coupon offer linked to our general Intro Text message to many local prospective Customers smartphones. 95% of Txt messages are opened within 3 to 4 minutes of the time they are received.Learn More..


Social Media marketing- Face Book - Twitter -Trend City Buzz -Pintrest - You Tube & More.)The real power of social media is in where you direct all of the likes and posts to achieve a decent conversion of lookers into buyers. Learn more...


OneSuperstore (E-commerce)

List Unlimited products & Services.Today it is of the utmost importance that your products and services are listed online Learn More...


Your Own E-Commerce Store

Now you can have your own online e-commerce storefront for no upfront cost. It is connected directly to the OneSuperstore platform so everything you l;ist on your store is searchable by the entire consumer network. It's like listing your products in two places at once. Learn More...


Mobile Marketing 

 Our entire web presence is very mobile friendly and accessible on all mobile devices. .  Learn More...


Coupon Display

All coupons placed on Golocalez and posted in our online coupon pages as well as linked to all social media and mobile platforms..Learn More...


Daily Deals promotion

We offer a variety of Daily, weekly or monthly deals campaigns consistently rotating through featured ad coupons daily in our Communities. Learn More...


 Online Banner ad 
Random rotating ad placement- fully automated banner server program allows banners to be easily placed and tracked at thousands of locations on Golocalez. Learn More...


Posted 60 Sec Online Business Review

Posted on Golocalez video library as well as many other locations, such as directory listings, featured video pages etc. and a number of other Video share sites, including You TubeLearn More...


 Television Ads, Shows and Business Profiles

We are currently negotiating deals with a number of local TV channels and radio stations as well as our very own live publishing you tube Chanel, Face Book and Instagram platforms.!

Learn More... 

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Now You Have All The Total Disruptive Tools Right At Your Finger Tips.  It's Time To End Big Business Domination And Take Back Our Market Share,In The Local Communities!

The Small Businesses of America...

Are Our Target Market!

In the USA,  the Small Business Administration identified more than 28.2 million businesses operating in the country as of March 2014, with about 63 % of new jobs being created from small business between 1993 and mid-2013. Of these 28.2 million enterprises, most have “self-employed” status, making up roughly three-quarters of the US’s total business pool.

World Bank Research - 2014
Get your business active In The Biggest
Platform for Small Business
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There has never really been a level playing field for Small to medium size businesses found in the local community marketplace. Since the Big box stores arrived they have cornered the advantage due to their ability to flood the marketplace with advertising and discount coupons.
But, we have changed all that, with the introduction to our innovative, first-time-ever, marketing platform, that empowers the local Small & Medium size Businesses (SMBs), by bringing them together in one place (Platform), to bring strength in numbers to establish the long time desired, level playing field.
Small Business Platform
Our powerful single platform is totally revolutionizing the way small to medium size local businesses compete, to win back their rightful share of local consumers.


The Bottom Line is this...Most people want to shop local but:

  • Your potential customers can't find your store online from any device they are searching from..because you are not there.

  • ​A majority of your potential customers are going to big box and Amazon because it is so easy and convenient, and... 

  • Your Customers need to find your business in the community online because that is where 90% of them go before they ever buy anything.​​

  • Your small business needs to become a part of a bigger picture if you are going to compete...or you will be out!

But... there is still hope! Read on to see how your small business can actually compete and win against all odds.



There Is No Time Like The Present...To Launch Your Small Business into the new  Revolution, The Biggest Business In Town at You can't find another platform that does so much for the survival of small businesses. Learn More Now!

We Have Changed The Odds...

In Favor of Your Small Business

It's A Consumer Driven Market

Which Means, The customers Are looking for You!

The technology enhancements, sophistication
of digital devices, and the increasingly
savvy customers...
...are becoming accustomed to getting their way. Local shoppers want to shop and support the local businesses online. Then they want to go to the physical location to pick up the goods, and do a little more shopping.  Because not all local businesses are on line (less than half) the shoppers have to divert a lot of their local shopping to the Big Box or online services to get everything they need. That is not what they (the Consumer) wants. So now...
There Is A 
Perfect Storm
Customers are demanding more relevant products & services at their fingertips along with excellent Service from the providers,
While many fragmented companies are struggling to provide it"all.  
The Timing is perfect... for small businesses to take a more aggressive stand and better position themselves to fill a void (relevance and service) that they can provide on the local level better than any other business. It's time for all local business to have a presence among the massive online population of local consumers, and offer e-commerce for all local products and services, just as it can be found offline. Now is the time for local businesses to step into the competitive environment of obtaining, retaining and serving the local consumers online as well as ofline!

There has not been... a local community marketing platform in the past that has allowed for an affordable or manageable means for the small businesses to legitimately compete in the local battleground between the small & big businesses.Until Now!

But Now, It all changes...with the launch of Trend City.Buzz, The Local Small Business Community Platform coupled with our BizTrend Solutions "TraDigital" marketing system, we are truly leveling the playing field and providing the competitive balance in the local marketplace. We are legitimately challenging the local big box stores, and online giants like Amazon, and others, for a fair share of local consumers.  Join Us Today
Offline...Brick & Mortar
Online Digital Shopping

All of Our Services... Are A Powerful Resource No Mater Where You Are In Your Entrepreneurial Business Endeavor!

Local Consumers will finally experience the true form of shopping local, online and offline. They will see more, and have greater access to, relevant products and services that can be purchased in their communities. 
Get into the TraDigital Market place Today!

 Please Choose One Of the Box Titles Below...that best describes  where you're currently at in your entrepreneurial quest. Start enjoying the power of success with everything at your finger tips!

Are you thinking about starting a business and not sure where to start?  Let us help you do it better than it has ever been done before. We can help you with all the tools and training you will ever need and provide the greatest support any new entrepreneur has ever had.

Here you will find everything you need to build, develop, manage, operate and market your business. Not only the knowledge and tools but an amazing platform that will keep you in front of your local or national audience every day, as well as provide you with all of the data we consistently track for all your analytical needs.

#2. New Business


#3. Current Business


Now, you can grow your existing business easier and more affordable than ever before with our amazing marketing platform targeting local audiences with a national presence.  Local is our strength with the most powerful lead generation tools designed to meet your specific needs.

It's truly time to "Start Thinking Out Of the Box" and re-take your share of the local community Consumers. It's time to Take Part In The Biggest Business platform for small Businesses,

On & Offline. 

From The President,

Hi, My Name Is...


CEO & Founder of BizTrend Solutions,llc & Million Masters Business Academy 

That is my wife Helen, by my side, where she has been faithfully for the entire 9 years of our marriage 

My Story...

I am a serial entrepreneur and have been since I built my very first business in 1976. I had never had any formal education after high school so the business degree I have has been earned from over 40 years of in-the-trenches kind of experiences!


I have certainly had my fair share of wins and losses, the losses far out numbering the wins, but I think that is the case with any true entrepreneurs history if they have been at it very long. My strengths have always leaned towards the marketing & Sales, business development, and management & Training side of things, however, having built over 15 small business of my own I have had a variety of first-hand experiences in just about every aspect of business. 


I have been a part of raising millions of dollars in funding for a number of medium and small businesses. I also have had to bootstrap many Small Businesses with very little to no upfront capital.


There is much more to tell but I just wanted to give you a little insight as to where I am coming from, and to let you know of my sincerity utilizing my experiences and knowledge to assist in the progress and successful outcome of as many new entrepreneurs, startups, and current business owners as possible.  


Please explore the possibilities, from where ever you are at in your entrepreneurial ventures. Learn More...

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