Marketing Strategies

Today, consumers behavior suggests that shoppers browse and buy on various channels. Few are loyal to only one. So, In order To Be Seamlessly Accessible, Your Business Needs To Be found In All Channels & Medias. This is what  the big boys are doing, and what most small businesses cannot afford to do. Until Now!

Here's Some Of What Your Business Needs To Compete ...

A current up-to-date presence in all of the following Services.

Brand Recognition

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Omni-Channel, Multimedia Exposure 
Your customers need the advantage of accessing your local businesses...
  • on an online website
  • mobile optimized web presence
  • online E-commerce 
  • multiple network social media presence
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Multiple Devices Access
As your marketing company, we provide a seamless access to your products and
  • services via...
  • Land phone,
  • use of an apps
  • smartphone
  • tablet, laptop, or a desktop computer.
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Customer Service

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Small Businesses can truly be the biggest Business In Town when you have the right platform, resources and tools!
 Our System Is "Turnkey" offering everything your small business needs...   to be the biggest business competitor in your community marketplace. In addition, we offer the most affordable and seamless transition from where you are now, to where you need to be, while you can still effectively operate your small business.
We provide consistent and relevant access for each of your customer’s as they come on line to shop and buy your products and services from the biggest business in their community. .
We offer a Simple and smooth transition from your current online position in the market place 
to a robust and competitive online community environment that will be producing new customers almost immediately. Get Started Today! 
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It's Truly Revolutionary & It's Here

The most powerful, innovative and proprietary Omni-Channel Marketing System

How Do You Get Your Small Business On Its Way To Participating... In the Biggest Business In Your Community!

It starts with the Unification of all local businesses...

in each of their own online communities in our platform!

Small business owners represent hundreds of categories of businesses in the on & offline community market place. The more easily they can all be found online in one community location, they become as powerful and accessible as any of the big box or online retail stores.


Each community has its own economy and depends on all of the businesses to provide the necessary products and services to support the community population as well as its visitors from other communities and even countries. 



- Website

- Coupon - Directory

Did You Know That Almost Everything That Can Be Purchased  On Amazon Can Be Found In Any Single Major Community In America?
(Salt Lake City as an example);

How Do We promote our

Unified Small Businesses


Our Omni-channel Marketing Platform is another disruptive process we developed and are now launching!

 Every business that participates  in our Big Business Small Businesses platform at gets community-wide exposure in every possible media available, 24-7. 

The Tradigital Business Marketing  System
It includes... all the tools, media, advertising and promotions, and community positioning designed and packaged to showcase the local small businesses. It all takes place in the most competitive environment ever available to SMBs.

It's Time To Get Your Small Business Thinking & Acting Big!

By networking all small businesses together, their advertising & promoting efforts they become equal to that of the big Box stores, giving them a greater competitive advantage for the local consumer.

It's Time To Get Your Small Business Thinking & Acting Big!

Join Us Now... Get your business active In The...
Biggest Platform for Small Business,