Now Is The Time To...

Gear up For A Successful Business Experience!

If You Are Just Starting A Business or Ready To Grow One... Now Is the Time, This Is The Space!

To Start or GROW your Business today there are some very important facrors you must become familiar with right up front. Are You Connected to the Right Stuff... 
1.There needs to be a paradigm shift. Business owners need to understand that even though some of the traditional business strategies and techniques are still viable today they must be packaged with the new to really have any lasting effect. 


2. Digital is King! We are talking about the new digital era that connects new technologies that in turn is generating the new economy! 


By learning & adapting the new digital tools, resources and programs will allow for the wise application of powerful technologies that are currently providing proven and profitable daily operating strategies to traditional businesses.


Today's digitally wise business owners have begun to capture and analyze data that is quickly and accurately identifying new and hidden trends, predicting outcomes and lending certainty to decision making.

Our Goal in this Academy is to not only bring you to a comprehensive enlightenment to a variety of the necessary technologies that can almost guarantee your long term success. The only reason I say "almost" is because there is so much that depends on your own indulgences. As the old statement goes, "You can bring a horse to the watering troth but you can't make him drink" is the applicable metaphor for this explanation!


 The following "Everything Has Changed" Boot Camp" will provide direction and in  connecting entrepreneurs, from Idea to revenue, with the tools and resources necessary for greater success in entrepreneurship.  hands on application

Business Prep - (101)

This Weeks Schedule:





"Women In Business"




"Tradition & Social Media"

FREE- Business Networking

         (1 to 3pm Weekly)





Video Share, Live Streaming, 

Webinars, Hangouts




"Local Marketing Platform"



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Topic/ Speaker Schedule

Entrepreneurship - Doing It Right!

9:am   Planning  to Become an Entrepreneur      (Bill Misrasi)​
           What's your" WHY" to become an Entrepreneur in any business? 
            Bill will talk about what it means to be an entrepreneur!
10:am   What Does It Take to get started                             
            Recognizing and understanding what the latest tools, technology and social marketing
            strategies are! How to Build a business that customers will flock to!

11:am Break

11:15   Building the Right ​Structure and Foundation for Business -

            (Geoff Dietrich)​
            Geoff is an entrepreneur and a business attorney. He will show you how to structure a strong
             and safe legal entity for the foundation of your business!  

12:15   What is a Business Canvas                                           

            A business of focus, structure, and systematization grow to its potential

​​1:pm  Lunch: "You Can Sell at Prices Higher Than Your Competition"                        

          Ron will teach you how to build your brand on quality that will allow you to sell your products
          or services at higher prices than your competition and establish loyal customers

2:pm.  Who is your customer? What is your product?

2:30   What is a Marketing Plan / Strategy 

3:pm.  What is your pricing strategy                                                      

 3:30   Merging Tradition & Technology 

           (Hired Guns - Bill M. - Mike Waters)
           Everything has changed... to become a successful Entrepreneur you must re-branding 
4:pm.   The Power of Social Media

            (Mike Waters)​

           Mike is a social media Guru. He is going to introduce the 24 categories of social media and
           briefly show a glimpse of the 75,000 networks that fall under

4:30 - Q&A Pannel


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