HyperLocal & TraDigital

Custom Marketing Packages 

We can give you exposure to thousands of local shoppers through a variety of On & Off Line media affordably packaged to reach the most relevant consumers in your market area!

Reaching your local consumers Online and Offline 24-7

Quality Customers Not Just Quantity

The digital roadmap to hyper-local is different than reaching out to a national audience. Local marketing isn’t about the number of hits, but rather the quality of the leads that come in. Keep audience size and demographic in mind, and remember it’s not just about return, it’s about value. We test, measure and learn about your local consumers through the use of a variety of analytics to gain insights into how can we can adjust your efforts and tweak your messages to improve your hyper-local marketing impact.


The Following is a sample of the individual media that we offer Daily, Weekly & Monthly. 

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