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Are you one of the millions of people in America searching for the right opportunity to break out on your own and start your own business?   Well this just may be the right time and the right place for you to get started Now! 

If it is Your Time... Then you are going to want To do business the right way. It's as near to a Guaranteed Success as you will ever get as an entrepreneur/business owner. Here is Your Opportunity!

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We Provide everything you need to start, build, revenue and grow your business as we help you get your business on its feet!


The Current Local Small Business Challenge!  Local communities across America are experiencing the struggles of their Small businesses and their impact on sluggish local economies, as the competition heats up from the big box stores. Most small business owners are seeing less and less support from the cities and chambers of commerce who all seemed to be caught up in bringing new - big box business to their communities. We all know that a balance of big business is needed in every community but "Balance" is the key word.


Big Box businesses brings huge competitive challenges to the small businesses. (1) they supply a large variety of products that can be conveniently shopped and purchased in one location, (many times online and off). (2) they also have a huge network of management and support as well as financial backing to provide a big marketing and advertising campaigns, offering a greater advantage to reaching the local consumer base on a frequent schedule.  


Recognizing this local in-balance TraDigicom360, LLC  (TDC360) a 20-year Utah-based technology company, is in the preliminary stages of launching our powerful, revolutionary platform called "Golocalez”. It consists of a City, Sate (and soon to be National) network offering the local communities and their businesses a much more competitive advantage on the local front! Our main focus is directed at a local audience. Our objective is to bring local residents, businesses, government, chambers of commerce and non-profit organizations and everything else local, including our innovative multi-vendor e-commerce shopping cart, together in one place on one platform! Providing a similar online experience of convenience and access to local products and services! 

TD360 is also introducing a brand new support mechanism for the local small businesses we call the Corpre-Preneur Business development Team! This is a service we are putting in place as a total support system for independent entrepreneurs and business owners who could utilize a full blown team of corporate level professionals that can provide any and all needed services on an as per needed basis for a small monthly fee by comparison. 


Claim A Community Marketplace In

Your Area... Today!

An Amazing Business & Income Opportunity is Awaiting You... Now!

We are offering a very lucrative license opportunity to the most innovative and powerful one-stop Community platform.  Each of the communities in Utah are uniquely organized by zip code area and business population, with a long-term potential annual revenue of more than $1 Million per community.  


The goal of our licensees is to empower local on and offline consumer and Business relationships, fostering true local shopping via the enhanced availability of relevant product and service at the local level.

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 How Does It Work


A qualified entrepreneur will choose a Community close to home and offer a variety of Turnkey packages of marketing services to local business owners, and invite every entrepreneur and business owner from all types of businesses in your community, to join and participate in the most powerful and aggressive "TraDigital Business Network" online! And, through a bundle of special incentives and rewards programs, promote and invite local consumers to shop their local merchants at City!

What’s Included:


  • Fully programmed Community website

  • All hosting, maintenance, and upgrades of your Community site

  • Exclusive licensed community

  • Direct access to our support team through your Admin Panel

  • Marketing and promotion materials and kits

  • Guide and training to Building a Successful Community Business

  • Community Business Plan Outline

  • Community Mobile Marketing Guide

  • Ongoing Support and Training

  • and more


Everything you need to begin building your Tradigicom360 Community business is included in our complete business package!


Do I sign an agreement?


Yes. We have a basic licensing agreement which outlines the terms and conditions and defines your market area. It also locks in the cost so your monthly fee cannot be raised.


How much can I earn?


Merchant video Profiles, Business Directory Listings, Product and service listing, Community video Profiles, Deals of the day, Coupons, Banner ads, Articles, Blogs, to mention a few, will be your primary sources of revenue initially. Average potential commissions will range from $1500 per month to start to a potential $10,000 per month residual after 12  to 18 months. Dedicated licensees can easily reach the higher numbers in their first year. 


How do people Learn about my community?


There are many ways we assist in generating traffic to the site. TDC360 will be actively promoting organic search through local promotions on TV, Radio, Print and a variety of social and digital media as well as regular direct marketing campaigns. We have optimized the site for the search engines and assist in providing relevant content for long-term SEO improvement. We also provide ongoing training to assist you in this area.


Equally important is local publicity. Our goal is that your GoLocalEZ Community site will be as well known for specials and events as the local newspaper is known for news. We will help you with promotional ideas to get your Community site known in your area.



What is and exclusive area?


When you license a city, contractually you are licensing the rights for each city specifically. We do however allow and encourage you to reach out to smaller cities surrounding your licensed city provided they are not large enough to support a GoLocalEZ Community site of their own, and that they are not currently licensed to someone else.


Typically there are 2,000 to 4,000 registered businesses in the average community with another 3,000 to 5,000 home-based entrepreneurs, such as MLM distributors, independent contractors, free lance graphics, web and software developers and many others. We use a population of 50,000 or greater as a large enough community to support a site for 3 to 5 community associate licenses.


Can I Hire others to work for me to sell the program?

If you purchase a Community Managers License then you can participate in recruiting the Vertical Market Licensees in your community. 


Do I need a business license?


You are consider as a business owner and will function as such in your designated community. Whether a business license is required varies from state to state and also city to city. Check with your local authorities to determine what is specifically required to operate a business in your area.  


Can I work from home?


The CityClickers Community business can be operated from home however it is a sales and marketing business so you will have to be out in the community to promote your site and to make sales calls. The administration and management of the site its self can be done from anywhere with an Internet connection.


How Do I know if a Community Is Available?


Click Here... To find a list of available cities


What is the training program?




Click Here ...Visit the training  Intro !