Selling Retail...

In Your Own

Online Store!

Now, your customers can easily access your products and services from your very own online store.You can run it from your Brick & Mortar Business or run it from home. 

It's so easy to get started and it's something either you... 

or your entire family can participate!

Getting Started...


Just Click Here... and register your business in our Business Directory. Once you register you will automatically get your own store front.

Plus, you can add

  • coupons

  • video 

  • a blog

  • and articles about your business.

You can also add used items for sale in our classified ad section that can be accessed by thousands of local ad shoppers. SuperStore

When you list products in your store listing we also add those same products to our SuperStore, exposing them to all of our online shoppers. We do not charge any extra fees for this service except when we sell something to a customer that comes in through one of our banner ads or other means of advertising and promotion we do to generate a sale for your products or services.


We market, promote and sell your listed products and take a small 15% of the sale price and forward the balance immediately, with the order. That's right... you get an order and payment (less the 15%) within minutes of the online sale. If the product sells from your own store listing there is no fee charged.


Customer picks up at Your Location


Then all you have to do is prepare the order for the customer to come by your store and pick it up, unless you have arranged to do it differently on the order page


We Do The Promotion


Throughout the Holiday Season, starting now, we will be heavily promoting online and offline shopping and gift purchasing opportunities at participating local businesses

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