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THE Consumer is the BOSS
Small Businesses

Technology has dramatically changed the environment for success in the small business world. And, It's really all for the better, if it is used correctly. But few have adapted it to their best advantage. Previously there has been no specific platform that provides the proper and most effective means to adapt the new digital marketing technologies to the ever present traditional business strategies for small businesses in their community marketing environment.


But, The Real Problem Is...

Small businesses have not changed up their marketing strategies. They are still trying to go it alone utilizing status quo techniques that just don't provide any kind of a return. And they are still trying to compete as a single business entity while losing the battle of market share to the big box stores and other online shopping platforms, such as Amazon. Big box is winning because they have provided such a convenience of finding everything the shopper needs in one giant platform. Small businesses know about and are trying to utilize the new technologies but they don't have the money or the time to make the necessary adaptations. But more than that, they do not have the ability to provide the convenience of a one stop platform to lure the local consumer in! Without making some much needed changes, and without a local platform that brings all of their products and services together for the convenience of the shopper, they will continue to lose their market share in their communities and eventually be forced to close the doors. 

The Solution...Uniting the Small Business Communities

Our objective at Tradigicom360 is to provide the missing platform that offers all of the latest digital technologies combined with the power of existing Traditional means of doing business in the small business environment. We call the new platform Golocalez and we accompany it with the new marketing strategy, "TraDigicom360 ' Omni-Channel Marketing.  

The combination of these two innovative and proprietary processes introduces an entirely new application of combining the existing traditional methods of marketing with powerful existing digital business marketing strategies, designed to empower a new level of success for all New and existing Entrepreneurs well into the twenty-First century. 
We have designed our TraDigital  Platform to help promote every small business in one of the most competitive community's marketplace platform, never before experienced"! Our innovative and proprietary community marketing platform is called Golocalez. Click Here... to learn more about our platform.

A Single Place Platform for Small Businesses...

 To Make The Needed Change!

The Strategy...

 Our Solution... is to introduce a long time missing platform that allows for the ability for the small businesses in every community to come together in a unified presence that allows for all things community, to be found in one digital community place online, just as it is found in one community geographic area offline. This provides for the most powerful competitive advantage community businesses have ever experienced.


Our strategy positions each geographic, zip code defined community area as the main business entity and all the small businesses products and services are the merchandise. We call this the community super store, where the local consumers, for the first time, recognize and participate in the highest valued, biggest business in their community.


Local Business Solution ... Now, the local businesses are able to participate in much more aggressive advertising and promotion strategies that will more accurately and affordably target their local consumers at a cost that is unheralded. 


Our for every type of business or service provider in any community. But like anything new, there is a learning curve. So, depending on where you are at in your entrepreneurial pursuits, we recommend you enroll in one of our applicable introductory learning courses included with any of the programs you so choose to participate.


So, if you are just Starting to explore entrepreneurship, or you are well into your entrepreneur journey matters not. There is a course of learning that will fit your needs. 

Choose on one of the links below and begin enjoying the added benefits of the latest innovations and technologies to grow your entrepreneurial experience from where ever you are, currently. Let us show you how the BizTrend Solutions powerful, innovative and proprietary TraDigital Marketing platform can do for you!

Small Businesses, When United, Truly Become the Biggest Business in Any Community... when they participate in the right platform. Our platform allows Consumers to finally see the value of local businesses and access the power of relevant products and services purchased in their communities. Click the appropriate link above to Learn More... about how to get your business positioned in the most powerful and innovative business success platform TODAY!

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