MSI - Grand "Open House"

Launch- Opening

We are finally ready to launch...

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Wednesday Afternoon Schedule:

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Event Schedule:

1:pm   Welcome & Tour The MSI Center...
 Hosted By: Bill Misrasi

Bill will talk about the vision of the MSI Center for providing a venue for:

  • Providing regular venue for training entrepreneurs in the new social marketing environment!
  • Providing space for other Trainers and Instructors to teach and share
  • Providing a place for independent contractors to use on a temporary basis
  • For other community businesses and organizations to utilize for events and activities
  • Etc

1:30     Intro to Social Media and the need for small business instruction

             Mike will teach how to adapt social technology to Traditional marketing strategies!

2:pm -  Relationship/ Branding... Instructions at the center

             Hired Guns Intro ... "Ridin' for the Brand! 
3:pm - Snacks and mingling - Break

3:30 -  Building a Company Canvas.

            Curtis Howe ... Intro to establish a business of focus, structure, and systematization

4:pm - You Can Sell at Prices Higher Than Your Competition                         (Ron Baron)​
           Ron will teach you how to build your brand on quality to sell your products at higher prices

4:30-  The Power In Merging Tradition & Technology 

           (Hired Guns - Bill M. - Mike Waters - Ron)
           Everything has changed... to become a successful Entrepreneur you must re-branding for

           Both On & Offline marketing strategies in today's market place.