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B2B-B2C Marketing Masters

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Income Opportunity!

Hi, My name is Bill Misrasi and I am excited to introduce one of the most exciting, innovative and powerful business opportunities I have ever been a part of! For the biggest part of 40 years I have been a self-motivated serial entrepreneur building many of my own businesses as well as contract consulting,  building and developing businesses for other entrepreneurs!


My specialty has always been in the marketing arena where I have designed, developed and incorporating powerful and innovative marketing, management, and advertising & promotional Strategies that have generated millions of dollars in operating revenues and business evaluations.


I have consulted and trained hundreds of small to medium-sized retail, wholesale, distributor and manufacturing business managers and owners. I have trained and consulted a variety of sales teams and account executives in all aspects of direct, phone social media and other online internet sales strategies.


So, enough about me. With all of that in my background, I believe it is essential that from this point on, my objective from here is to focus my energies, experiences and expertise to build one of the most powerful teams of master marketing entrepreneurs. The objective of this innovative team is to take my TraDigital marketing packages to the small businesses that I call  "Entre-Premiers". I call them Entre-premiers because they would become premier business owners of a specific community zip code area.


My master team's focus is aimed at the greater success of the small businesses who make up the heartbeat of our communities. Over the past 5 years I have been developing a variety small business package of traditional and digital tools and services that I call my"TraDigital Packages". Each package is designed to be a turnkey marketing strategy for small businesses in the local community.


Currently 85% of the small businesses are still not participating correctly in the digital online technologies and they are falling way behind in maintaining a profitable existence in the local market place.


BizTrend Solutions (BTS) is currently launching a powerful new Level of Traditional & Digital (TraDigital)Marketing tools for startup and currently operating small businesses.


 Success in the arena of Small Business Entrepreneurs. 


Are You A...

  • Frustrated

  • Underpaid

  • Under-appreciated

  • Under-Challenged  

Executive  With Entrepreneurial   Skills Looking For That Once-In-A-Lifetime  Opportunity to  Prove Yourself?


Do you have a burning desire to own your own business and be your own boss?


If someone was willing to invest their time, money and expertise to train, educate and certify you in one of the most powerful and in-demand services for the small businesses of America, provide you with all of the tools and services you would ever need, and guarantee your success if you were to follow, teach, train and implement that same plan in an exclusively owned territory of your own, would you have the willingness and commitment to dedicate your time, talents and energy to your success?


Well, if so...I am currently seeking highly skilled and professional minded entrepreneurs who know deep down that he/she has what it takes to be a leader. I need self-driven individuals with a background in executive level sales and/or business marketing & management.  


I am seeking individuals who are not afraid to invest in themselves, and put a little skin in the game to secure an amazing financial future.


I am seeking individuals who have a sense for the business of customer service. Someone who understands that business is all about serving the needs of the consumer, that no matter what product or service you offer, it is all bout what it will do for the customer not what it is.


So, if you have what it takes, as outlined above, and you have a true desire to enter into what we will call our...



B2B-B2C Marketing Masters

Certification Training


...then I encourage you to respond to this message by filling out the application immediately to secure the rights and reserve a market area in your region.


There is a small reservation fee of $99 that will hold the area of your choosing while we determine your qualifications. If you are found not to qualify the money will be refunded immediately.