Main Street Innovation Center is Proud to have such a talented team of Speakers and Trainers representing the highest level of entrepreneurship in each of their lives. These highly qualified individuals bring the type of expertise any prospective or growing entrepreneur would expect to have for coaches and mentors. Each of these individuals are the truest form of entrepreneur with years of experience and expertise in their individual fields. 

All of these individuals, plus a number of others who's Bio's were not available, will be speaking at various points of our new and exciting "Local Entrepreneurship Week". Where every week is "Entrepreneurship Week". Where we bring an amazing experience of high quality hands-on Learning environment to the world of small business mastery through education.  

Please join us in this great launch event for The Main Street Innovation Center in conjunction with the the Global Entrepreneurship week! 

Our Instructors Qualifications...

  • ​Audience PARTICIPATION!
  • "Hands-On" applications
  • PERSONAL & TARGETED message to their audience
  • Speak to the unique strengths and struggles of each audience.
  • Provide New and Innovative adaptations in their message.
  • Provide clear on concise action steps that will take you into the coming months.
  • Bring integrity and fun into the business learning process.
  • Leave a memorable impression of the things they are teaching. 
  • Present with professionalism.
  • Offer continued and affordable coaching and mentoring.
  • Offer a one stop platform that is easily searched for top quality business resources.
  • Offer a physical facility that you can return to daily for further training and support. 

​All of our speakers, trainers and presenters are a part of our Main Street Innovation Center and are available to all entrepreneurs for a variety of resources and learning at an almost on demand request.

If you are a Speaker, Trainer, Educator, Coach, Mentor, or Presenter... who has been or are currently a successful Entrepreneur, and would like to share your expertise in a specific category of Small business please contact us. We offer an excellent revenue share opportunity to those who qualify. Click Here ... and provide us a little info about your self and we'll contact you for further discussion.  

Now Meet Our Current Speakers, Presenters, Mentors & Coaches...

Founder  & CEO 

      i-Global Cities,Inc

      Main Street Innovation Center

      City Clickers.LLC, 

      Social City Connect

Subject: Entrepreneurship, Marketing, Social Marketing, social commerce, business development, personal development, etc.

Bill is a 35 year serial entrepreneur of small business marketing and business development with extensive experience in creative marketing and business development for start up and expanding businesses.

His strengths are in business planning and management concepts & application, sales , promotion & branding strategies, training and coaching seminars and workshops, in addition to mentoring entrepreneurs in implementing ‘”Concept to Profitability” business success applications.





Subject: Traditional Greetings, Brands & Relationships

"Lannie 'The Marshal' Scopes, left, and Craig 'Creek' Johnson certainly look the part of the old-time cowboy: weathered visages and abundant facial hair. But that's just the outward manifestation of the love for the Old West that the longtime 'In Cahoots' partners have brought to their public speaking and City Weekly Best in 2010 and Team Building meet-and-greet venture.

Social Media Guru

Subject: Socializing  Greetings, Brands, & Relationships

Michael Waters has been actively engaged in Social Media since early 2005 when Social Media was still considered to be a fad. Having launched several successful websites and products using only social media and not paying for any advertising.Michael recognized early on that social media is the great equalizer and that all business large and small can compete openly in this new medium. With that in mind he organized and created SocialSAM consulting in 2007.

For the past three years Michael has been speaking at events large and small and coaching clients all over the United States on how to properly integrate and manage their businesses in a social media environment.

RON BARON - Key Note Speaker

Professional Speaker/Trainer & Entrepreneur

Ron has over 30 years of senior-level national corporate  experience as President, V.P. Marketing, V.P. Sales, and V.P. a highly acclaimed and dynamic public speaker, successful entrepreneur, executive consultant, and business leader. 

As an Executive and Business Success Coach, he conducts personal and professional seminars for prominent corporate clients and has become well known to many return audiences.

Ron is active as a SCORE Mentor and Executive Committee Member and is Board Member and Executive Committee Member for Entrepreneur Launch Pad.  He is past Chair of the Leadership Advisory Committee and is President of the Calendar Advertising Council for the Promotional Association International.

Ron Baron frequently takes his upbeat messages nationally and is the featured speaker at numerous corporation and association meetings and conventions, including his recent Motivational Cruise just last week. 

You will enjoy Ron’s powerful stage presence, energetic speaking style, humor, and warmth.

additional info:




Geoff Dietrich is a Utah Attorney and focuses his  practice on entrepreneurship, corporate entity formation, start-ups, corporate and consumer bankruptcy, estate planning, and real estate law. Geoff is a partner with Pearson, Butler, Carson & Cook, PLLC.

Prior to joining the firm, Mr. Dietrich was the owner and founder of G.C. Dietrich Law, P.C., a law firm focused on business entity formations and advising small companies.  He also founded Lodestar Corporate Services Company, a registered corporate services company providing registered agent, corporate compliance, and registered agent services to companies around the country.

Mr. Dietrich graduated from Brigham Young University Law School where he served as Managing Editor, BYU Law Review, 2007-2008; he was the receipient of the Outstanding Achievement Award, Origins of the Constitution, 2007; and served as Vice President and Founding Member, BYU Real Estate Law Society.

Mr. Dietrich received his B.S. in Chinese and Arabic with an Engineering focus from the United States Military Academy at West Point, NY.  Geoff was then commissioned as an officer in the U.S. Army and is a Veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom.  He fought in Iraq as an Infantry officer as the second-in-command of a 155-man Bradley Fighting Vehicle Infantry Company.

What is The Real Woman Revolution?

Meet Tiffany:  For most of her life Tiffany has been talking about SEX! Why? Because there is nothing that she is more passionate about than helping women understand the SECRETS to great sex and connection. As a Psychic/Medium, Coach, Speaker, Teacher, Mentor, Entrepreneur, Wife, Mother, Spiritual Healer and Advocate of Women’s Rights, Tiffany’s life has been spent in the service of womankind. 

Having overcome many obstacles whether it was being over 300 pounds, dealing with years of depression, or rising victorious over prescription drug addiction and chronic illness, Tiffany knows what it feels like to go from being bedridden and on death’s door, to being on a stage teaching women how to stand confidently in their own skin and embrace their sexuality with pure JOY!

Meet Suzi:  Suzi has spent her life searching for the answer to “Why do I do what I do when I know what I know,” and she FOUND it!  She now teaches women all over the world the answer to this very question.  She is an empowered-divorced Mother of four, Teacher, Coach, Speaker, Humanitarian, Entrepreneur, and Lover of Life, and a strong advocate for Women’s Rights, most especially the right to “love who you love.” 

Having overcome food addiction, co-dependency, lifelong self-doubt, and the need to look “perfect,” she now lives and teaches women how to identify and blast through the roadblocks keeping them stuck from living the PASSIONATE life they WANT for themselves. 

Tiffany and Suzi are the founders and owners of The Real Woman Revolution.  After using their proven system, women across the world are having rockin sex, more money, and wild confidence. And so can you!! 

Join the REVOLUTION today at