Today many small businesses are struggling to survive in the era of Walmart, Amazon, Target and
other big box outlets .

Many are turning-tale and running, because they don't understand this one important thing. The bigger they get the more removed they are from the customer. Past experience tells us we already know what the majority of customers want, and that is personal customer service.
The other thing many of the latest studies are showing is that loyal customers need to feel a connection. When running any type of small business, some of the challenges you face are meeting the ever escalating customer expectations to provide a creditable end-to-end customer experience, and most importantly, build customer relationships so you don’t have to keep reacquiring those buyers.
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Did you know ...
According to a recent study's, when a customer makes an online recommendation to someone they know, it has a more powerful result than a face to face encounter.

Seminar Theme:

Other Things You Will Learn...

What are the networks that will work best for me?


How can I Implement and manage a variety of resources and still run my business? 




How do I grow the right social media strategy that will have the greatest impact on my customer base.


What training and support do I need to help me make my business function at the highest level.


Is all Social media a "one size fits all" package?


Can Traditional Business be balanced with digital social media applications?


How do I learn what the right strategies for my personal business are?


Learn how to use the power of...
"YOUR PASSION" get local customers to become your advocates and make more online recommendations of your products and services!

Learn "How To Build on your Passion" ... 

A Solid Customer Service Strategy Will Establish a Powerful Customer Allegiance To Your Products or Services when you...

  • DEVELOP - The Customer Experience​
  • ​CONNECT  - With Customer Needs​
  • ​ADAPT  - A Customer Service Commitment
  • ​ENGAGE - With Customers - Comments & Reviews
  • ANALYZE    - Customer Buying Habits & Activities
  • MONETIZE  - Call to Action - Call To Action 
  • REWARD -  Incentives for Customer Allegiance 
  • COMMUNICATE -  Follow up - Follow up - Follow up

It's All About "YOUR PASSION" Do you really

believe in your products/services?

Today, ​Traditional Brand Advertising still has its place... but the demand for greater "Customer Service"  has stepped in and changed ​​the rules!
Today, Online Relationships are vitally important! 
In todays market place it is not just important it  is imperative that your customers feel the passion for your products or services right up front.

• The customer wants to know that you really want them to buy your products or services.

• They want to feel your passion in the look, feel and presentation of your online business.

• It is a digital transaction that needs to feel like a real life event.


This SOCIAL BUSINESS INTENSIVE will provide hands on instruction in adding the techniques and technologies discussed, directly to your online business. 
Here are a few things you will learn, about adding more Passion to Your Traditional Marketing Campaigns. That passion that will keep your customers coming back...
At The Intensive You Will Learn How to Get & Keep Your Customers Attention As We Help You ...
  • Build a digital Brand.
  • Create a digital customer communication portal.
  • Express your passion and convert "Likes" to "Buys".
  • Post products and services for online purchases.
  • Set prices for product/services that you believe in!
  • Express your passion in many social networks.
  • Use the power of Video, Audio, E-mail & Txt Messaging for Promoting product/service .
  • Use analytics...get to know your customers.
  • Blog your passion weekly!
  • Etc.