LICENSEE... Startup Intensive 

FEB. 2015 -  Class Schedule

7:30am Register & Network

8:00 - Building Your Passion Into Your Presentation".                                        (Bill Misrasi)​

Connect with Passion: How to Build Customer relationships that will last!

8:30 - Howdy, Pard!                                                                                               (Hired Guns)
           A Passionate greeting gets you off on the right foot. (The how and why of a cowboy
9:00 - How to Digitally greet... your online Customers with passion  "                                  (Bill M & Mike Waters)​

9:30 - Round ‘em Up! (Pony Express poster?)                                                      (The Hired Guns)
         Your message defines your target. (Your Unique Selling Proposition is
         the key to attracting paying customers.)        

10:00 Identify your unique selling proposition - What's your Hook?                    (Bill M / Mike Waters)


Adapt with Passion: What are you Branding, you or your product?

​10:30- Buildin’ Your Brand
           Brand vs. Logo & Brand traits/values/attributes                                          (The Hired Guns)​

​11:00 - Building a Digital Brand - What is a brand today?                                    (BillM & Mike Waters)​

11:30- Buildin’ Your Team                                                                                    (Hired Guns)
            Hired Hands or a Perfect Posse? Assembling a team that’s as Passionate
            about your business & customers as you are. (Passion leads to loyalty.)

12:00 - Building a network of loyal Customers, co-workers,                           (Bill M & Mike Waters.)​
            Family, Friends, Groups, networks, etc.              

12:30 - Lunch - Key Note - How to Charge more & Work Less!                                  (Ron Baron)​


Engage with Passion... Finding, Tracking and Engaging your network!

1:30 - Prospects into Pards - Creating business-building relationships.                           (Hired Guns)​
         (And why assuming can lead to disaster!)

​2:00 - Customer Service - We are all in the Customer Service Business First"            (Bill M & Mike W)

2:30 - Scoutin’ Success
         What’s working and why, and how to put that knowledge to work.                         (Hired Guns)
         (Ask, then act on the answers.)

3:00 - Scoring with Analytics... to find the right customers                                        (Bill m & Mike W.)

​3:30 - The Power of Cooperative Entrepreneurship.                                                    (Bill Misrasi)

​4:00 - There is no such thing as "Competition"! Connect,
          Share and Network! (Ron Baron)                                                 

4:30 Q&A Pannel