LICENSEE... Startup Intensive 

FEB. 2015 -  Class Schedule

7:30am Register & Network

8:00 - Building Your Passion Into Your Presentation".                                        (Bill Misrasi)​

Connect with Passion: How to Build Customer relationships that will last!

8:30 - Howdy, Pard!                                                                                               (Hired Guns)
           A Passionate greeting gets you off on the right foot. (The how and why of a cowboy
9:00 - How to Digitally greet... your online Customers with passion  "                                  (Bill M & Mike Waters)​

9:30 - Round ‘em Up! (Pony Express poster?)                                                      (The Hired Guns)
         Your message defines your target. (Your Unique Selling Proposition is
         the key to attracting paying customers.)        

10:00 Identify your unique selling proposition - What's your Hook?                    (Bill M / Mike Waters)


Adapt with Passion: What are you Branding, you or your product?

​10:30- Buildin’ Your Brand
           Brand vs. Logo & Brand traits/values/attributes                                          (The Hired Guns)​

​11:00 - Building a Digital Brand - What is a brand today?                                    (BillM & Mike Waters)​

11:30- Buildin’ Your Team                                                                                    (Hired Guns)
            Hired Hands or a Perfect Posse? Assembling a team that’s as Passionate
            about your business & customers as you are. (Passion leads to loyalty.)

12:00 - Building a network of loyal Customers, co-workers,                           (Bill M & Mike Waters.)​
            Family, Friends, Groups, networks, etc.              

12:30 - Lunch - Key Note - How to Charge more & Work Less!                                  (Ron Baron)​


Engage with Passion... Finding, Tracking and Engaging your network!

1:30 - Prospects into Pards - Creating business-building relationships.                           (Hired Guns)​
         (And why assuming can lead to disaster!)

​2:00 - Customer Service - We are all in the Customer Service Business First"            (Bill M & Mike W)

2:30 - Scoutin’ Success
         What’s working and why, and how to put that knowledge to work.                         (Hired Guns)
         (Ask, then act on the answers.)

3:00 - Scoring with Analytics... to find the right customers                                        (Bill m & Mike W.)

​3:30 - The Power of Cooperative Entrepreneurship.                                                    (Bill Misrasi)

​4:00 - There is no such thing as "Competition"! Connect,
          Share and Network! (Ron Baron)                                                 

4:30 Q&A Pannel


"Small Business + A Single Platform x TraDigital Strategies= GREATEST SUCCESS"
Local Consumers will finally experience the true form of shopping local. Your customers will see more, and have greater access to relevant products and services that can be
purchased in their communities.