The New Normal For Marketing Is....


You are invited to join us each week for the ultimate Learning experience
Designed for Start up and current business owners who have a real desire and dedication to succeed in the new Digital marketing environment.

Now you can run and support your small business with all of the benefits of a big corporation. 

You don't have to go it alone anymore.



What is a Corpreneur?
An Entrepreneur with a Corporate Services & Support Team.

We are here to provide the infrastructure for success. Similar to being a franchisee, or belonging to a big corporation only with all the freedoms of being an entrepreneur. .

Professional Services For The Small Business Owners!
The best place to get the services you need are the professionals that can provide the training and support. Those who are currently in the business and available when you need them! 
There is a lot that needs to be in place for a business to be running efficiently like the legal structure, financial accounting, payroll, overhead expense budgeting, sales and marketing strategies, advertising and promotion, Internet presence and web development, employee management and training, and so much more.
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The typical entrepreneur is usually so busy and running on such a tight budget that they sometimes cut corners by trying to do everything themselves, and usually after hours with little knowledge or understanding of what really needs to be done.
Entrepreneurship is not for the faint of heart, but can be something anyone can do with the right training, services and support behind them. In order to become the best at anything it takes a team effort. It takes an understanding of what is required and then a little education certainly can make a big difference in the ratio of success.
Now you can join us...
in a series of Webinars that will not only introduce you to the services, but the service providers, who will provide the knowledge and information you need to support the needs of your small business.



That's right, education from experts who are in the business. And who are offering special packages of their services to help your small business succeed. 

Current Tools and Resources

It is a professional network of Corporate level services offered to Entrepreneurs & Small Business Startups and current owners like you to better Build, Manage and enhance your small business operations.
Services like:
  •  Attorneys
  • Accountants
  • Insurance Services
  • Financial Services
  • Tax Solutions services
  • CFO Services
  • Management Training & Support
  • Programmers
  • Article writers
  • Video production
  • Podcast production
  • Website developers
  • Graphics designers
  • Health & Fitness Specialists
  • Admin Services
  • Employee services
  • Insurance and financial consultants
  • Trainers
  • Speakers
  • Consultants
  • Marketing specialists
  • Sales Trainers 
  • Etc.

 Workshops, Seminars & Webinars 

 We provide the most current strategies and technologies. And you won't have to wait for the next free seminar that somebody may offer, that may or may not apply to your needs. BizTrend Solutions is about getting the education and training when you need it, daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly or when ever it is you are ready to start or grow your endeavor.

to get into a system of learning and growing from the right resources. Come and check us out for FREE weekly networking days held each week on Wednesdays from Now is the time... 1:pm to 3:pm at the Main Street Innovation Center. We will introduce you to one of the most intense learning environments for tools and resources in social media marketing. 


We want to be your Hands-On Business Training and Support Team assisting in your Entrepreneurial growth and success. Let's all grow together!

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