The Boot Camp

This is our most powerful and

effective 3 day Boot Camp

& Work Shop! 

We will virtually take you through a complete review of every aspect of your business legal structure from pre-startup to actual revenue by the end of your class. You will come out with a perfect vision of your goals and objectives with your own personally developed business map

for success.

Coming 10/20/2020

Who Can Attend:
We only accept the most serious and committed Entrepreneurs... to participate in our PV2020 Boot Camp. When you qualify for this course we will take you from a mere  "want-to-be" entrepreneur, to a full blown, highly trained and operating, business owner, through our powerful 20 step program to success.
What's Provided

The Boot Camp provides a step-by-step approach that covers:

  • Personally preparing or aligning your Business Vision Building Your Business legal Structure

  • Branding and creating a business framework

  • Telling your story with passion

  • TraDigital Marketing Strategies

  • Building a powerful Lead generation funnel

  • Establishing the True Value of your businss

  • Product development and revenue generation

  • Identifying, connecting, growing and maintaining your customer base

  • Generating passive income

  • How to more fully enjoy the Entrepreneurial experience

This BOOT CAMP is ideally suited for:

  • Professional services

  • Consultants

  • Real estate professionals

  • Entrepreneurs

  • Business owners

  • Start up Businesses

  • Military veterans starting their own business

  • Associations

  • Non-profits

  • Coaches

As a BOOT CAMP participant, you will learn how to:

  • Know who and what are you in your business

  • Create a brand and choose the right business framework

  • Get your business & personal financial structure in place

  • Maximize your Internet marketing Strategies

  • Reach new customers and increase sales

  • Get articles and news releases published

  • What website structure attracts your customer type

  • Adapt the right social media networks for your business

  • Competitively price your specific products and services

  • Enhance the money-making potential of products and services

  • Grow, build and retain a loyal customer base

  • Implement the new TraDigital automated & easy-to-use marketing tools

  • Get affordable radio and television ads 

  • Develop and implement multiple revenue streams

  • Develop creative marketing ideas that go viral

  • Raise operation and growth capital

  • Take advantage of the new tax laws for small businesses

  • Etc.

​​​As a BOOT CAMP participant, you will receive:

  • A tried and true Traditional and Digital Business model with all the tools and services needed to Start Build and/or grow your business 

  • Constructive critique and evaluation of current products, services and promotional materials

  • Collaborative brainstorming on your business model

  • Specific input, encouragement and direction from accomplished local small business entrepreneurs

  • Access to forms, contracts, agreements and other check lists to simplify your business needs.

  • a fully active website/landing page with all things discussed in boot camp already working for you.

  • A team of corporate level service providers with a true desire to help you grow your business

  • An amazing support system in your local community area to train and educate on all types of the latest technologies, marketing techniques and promotion networks.


Day #1 - Module 1: Branding and Building Your Business

  • Setting up shop

  • Overcoming limiting beliefs

  • Telling your compelling story 

  • Establishing credibility and value

  • Designing a unique brand/niche

  • Creating a marketing image and message

  • Target markets

  • Tools you will need

Day #1 - Module 2: How To Build a Loyal Customer/Client Base and Keep Them!

  • Attracting clients, customers and building powerful relationships

  • Gatekeepers versus economic decision makers

  • Newsletters

  • Understanding clients’ needs and pain

  • What are you worth? Monetizing your value and services

  • Fee setting formulas and approaches

  • Proposals, retainers, contracts, deposits

Day #2 - Module 3: How to Make Money Selling Products and Services

  • Generate multiple streams of revenue

  • Writing books and information products for fame and fortune

  • Selling your products or someone else’s?

  • Writing articles

  • Getting E-books published

  • Working with freelancers and ghost writers

  • Lessons learned

Day #2 - Module 4: Building an Effective Social Media Footprint To Create Powerful Lead Funnel

Day #3 - Module 5: Building and maintaining the right kind of website!

  • How to select and use web designers to build great websites

  • SEO, keyword research and tagging

  • Mechanics of online sales

  • Lead generation

  • Getting displayed on radio and television

  • Pay-per-click advertising


Day #3 - Module 6: Taking Your Business To The Next level Through Amazing Customer Service 

  • How to Go Out Of Your Way To Create Value Through service

  • Getting great Customer Reviews

  • Educate Your Customers About your Product/Services

  • Provide & Run workshops and seminars that make money

  • Participate in Community Activities

  • How to use videos to build your brand and Customer Trust 

  • Techniques to capture leads from your audience

  • Conducting webinars/teleseminars

Boot Camp Details:

  1. Maximum 40 Qualified entrepreneurs per 3 day boot camp (See Qualifications)

  2. Four (4) special priced and packaged boot camps Feb thru March 2020 ( See Schedule)

  3. $2,020 per attendee ( See potential up to 40% discounts) 

  4. First Four Boot Camp Participants receive:

  • $20,000 1 Year Multi-Channel Marketing Package ( see package details)

  • 20% discount on all Tradigicom360 marketing tools and resource

  • 10" Tablet with all tools and resources for use during and after Camp

  • Entertainment

  • Breakfast

  • Lunch

  • T-Shirts

  • New software applications

  5. Boot Camp Work Book

"Small Business + A Single Platform x TraDigital Strategies= GREATEST SUCCESS"
Local Consumers will finally experience the true form of shopping local. Your customers will see more, and have greater access to relevant products and services that can be
purchased in their communities.