The Boot Camp


This is our most powerful and

effective 3 day Boot Camp

& Work Shop! 

We will virtually take you through a complete review of every aspect of your business legal structure from pre-startup to actual revenue by the end of your class. You will come out with a perfect vision of your goals and objectives with your own personally developed business map

for success.

Coming 10/20/2020

Who Can Attend:
We only accept the most serious and committed Entrepreneurs... to participate in our PV2020 Boot Camp. When you qualify for this course we will take you from a mere  "want-to-be" entrepreneur, to a full blown, highly trained and operating, business owner, through our powerful 20 step program to success.
What's Provided

The Boot Camp provides a step-by-step approach that covers:

  • Personally preparing or aligning your Business Vision Building Your Business legal Structure

  • Branding and creating a business framework

  • Telling your story with passion

  • TraDigital Marketing Strategies

  • Building a powerful Lead generation funnel

  • Establishing the True Value of your businss

  • Product development and revenue generation

  • Identifying, connecting, growing and maintaining your customer base

  • Generating passive income

  • How to more fully enjoy the Entrepreneurial experience

This BOOT CAMP is ideally suited for:

  • Professional services

  • Consultants

  • Real estate professionals

  • Entrepreneurs

  • Business owners

  • Start up Businesses

  • Military veterans starting their own business

  • Associations

  • Non-profits

  • Coaches

As a BOOT CAMP participant, you will learn how to:

  • Know who and what are you in your business

  • Create a brand and choose the right business framework

  • Get your business & personal financial structure in place

  • Maximize your Internet marketing Strategies

  • Reach new customers and increase sales

  • Get articles and news releases published

  • What website structure attracts your customer type

  • Adapt the right social media networks for your business

  • Competitively price your specific products and services

  • Enhance the money-making potential of products and services

  • Grow, build and retain a loyal customer base

  • Implement the new TraDigital automated & easy-to-use marketing tools

  • Get affordable radio and television ads 

  • Develop and implement multiple revenue streams

  • Develop creative marketing ideas that go viral

  • Raise operation and growth capital

  • Take advantage of the new tax laws for small businesses

  • Etc.

​​​As a BOOT CAMP participant, you will receive:

  • A tried and true Traditional and Digital Business model with all the tools and services needed to Start Build and/or grow your business 

  • Constructive critique and evaluation of current products, services and promotional materials

  • Collaborative brainstorming on your business model

  • Specific input, encouragement and direction from accomplished local small business entrepreneurs

  • Access to forms, contracts, agreements and other check lists to simplify your business needs.

  • a fully active website/landing page with all things discussed in boot camp already working for you.

  • A team of corporate level service providers with a true desire to help you grow your business

  • An amazing support system in your local community area to train and educate on all types of the latest technologies, marketing techniques and promotion networks.


Day #1 - Module 1: Branding and Building Your Business

  • Setting up shop

  • Overcoming limiting beliefs

  • Telling your compelling story 

  • Establishing credibility and value

  • Designing a unique brand/niche

  • Creating a marketing image and message

  • Target markets

  • Tools you will need

Day #1 - Module 2: How To Build a Loyal Customer/Client Base and Keep Them!

  • Attracting clients, customers and building powerful relationships

  • Gatekeepers versus economic decision makers

  • Newsletters

  • Understanding clients’ needs and pain

  • What are you worth? Monetizing your value and services

  • Fee setting formulas and approaches

  • Proposals, retainers, contracts, deposits

Day #2 - Module 3: How to Make Money Selling Products and Services

  • Generate multiple streams of revenue

  • Writing books and information products for fame and fortune

  • Selling your products or someone else’s?

  • Writing articles

  • Getting E-books published

  • Working with freelancers and ghost writers

  • Lessons learned

Day #2 - Module 4: Building an Effective Social Media Footprint To Create Powerful Lead Funnel

Day #3 - Module 5: Building and maintaining the right kind of website!

  • How to select and use web designers to build great websites

  • SEO, keyword research and tagging

  • Mechanics of online sales

  • Lead generation

  • Getting displayed on radio and television

  • Pay-per-click advertising


Day #3 - Module 6: Taking Your Business To The Next level Through Amazing Customer Service 

  • How to Go Out Of Your Way To Create Value Through service

  • Getting great Customer Reviews

  • Educate Your Customers About your Product/Services

  • Provide & Run workshops and seminars that make money

  • Participate in Community Activities

  • How to use videos to build your brand and Customer Trust 

  • Techniques to capture leads from your audience

  • Conducting webinars/teleseminars

Boot Camp Details:

  1. Maximum 40 Qualified entrepreneurs per 3 day boot camp (See Qualifications)

  2. Four (4) special priced and packaged boot camps Feb thru March 2020 ( See Schedule)

  3. $2,020 per attendee ( See potential up to 40% discounts) 

  4. First Four Boot Camp Participants receive:

  • $20,000 1 Year Multi-Channel Marketing Package ( see package details)

  • 20% discount on all Tradigicom360 marketing tools and resource

  • 10" Tablet with all tools and resources for use during and after Camp

  • Entertainment

  • Breakfast

  • Lunch

  • T-Shirts

  • New software applications

  5. Boot Camp Work Book