Weekly Zoom Training

Sept 24, 2020
"How To Re-Boot  & Master The Success Of Your Business in
2020 & Beyond!"
Are You Filling All The Roles In Your Business?

Are You...

  • Feeling a bit overwhelmed In Running Your Business?
  • Having a difficult time finding The Right channels to Promote Your Business
  • Utilizing a solid digital marketing plan?
  • Developing a strong corporate support Team?
  • Managing to many departments in your business?
  • Planning a vacation this year?
  • Financially challenged to grow or start your business?
  • Happy with your daily outcome at the end of your workday each day?

Are you having difficulty  focusing on the vision you started with?

Well Then...

...Don't start another year
in business without Getting A
"Business Vision Checkup"!

WE Are Currently Offering All...

Locally Owned Business

Our Amme...  
"Tradigital Marketing education Series"
WE Call It...


Weekly Zoom

Get Re-Booted with a perfect vision Of Your Business in.

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When you qualify for this course we will take you from a "Struggling  entrepreneur", to a full blown, highly trained and operating, business owner, with more customers and increased revenue. All from the training and tools you will receive at the Boot Camp!


Be a Master Entrepreneur
In Our "Perfect Vision                    " Zoom Camp...
We Will Help You Take a quick review of The entrepreneur in you and your Business
Plans, to help you Gain a Clear
                        Vision Of Your plans
for the coming years!
You Personally
Your Business
  • Ambitions
  • Goals
  • Financial Status
  • Lifestyle
  • Relationships
  • Family
  • Entertainment
  • Hobbies 
  • Education
  • Dream
  • Ambitions
  • Structure
  • Purpose
  • Product/Services
  • Brand
  • Customers
  • Team
  • Operations
  • Strategy
  • Goals / Financial
  • Partners / Staff
  • Marketplace
  • Platform
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Location / On/Off line
  • Customer service
  • position 
And What's Your Plans for ongoing Training, 
Education and Business development . 
Introduction to our Revolutionary,
One Place, Local community Business
Marketing & E-commerce 
This is a $2,000 program... 
...that is being offered to all qualifying entrepreneurs.
You just won't believe what is included in this package, so if you are truly interested in becoming a successful entrepreneur, click here and see for yourself.
be one of the first to apply!
Let's Get You Started With ...
...The Revolutionary All-In-One Place, Local Business,
E-commerce, Local Products & Services and "All Things Community" Platform!

Get It Here

Presents... The ($2000 Value)

RE-Boot Package

"Perfect Vision 

The Local Small Business Alliance: A One Year Priority 3 Membership ($2400 Value)
Our interactive Weekly & Monthly training outline is also with 1 free training class per month. ($1000 Value)
12 month GL2020 Tradigital marketing campaign already implemented to start the minute you leave the boot camp. $1500 Value Package)
  • This is a powerful multi-channel, multi media Multi community campaign that includes every aspect of our amazing marketing platform. Such as:
  1. Banner AD Display placements in your Community location)
  2. Coupon displayed & promoted
  3. E-mail newsletter monthly
  4. Text Message campaign links
  5. Social Media posts
  6. New Business Listing - GLEZ Directory 
  7. New product listing - GLEZ New product Showcase - 
  8. E-commerce Store front - product listings
  9. Listings In Community Calendar of events
  10. 60 sec Video review of your business 
  11. Weekly Live Business Development Seminars
  12. All Daily Online Webinars - recorded versions
  13. Monthly Business Round Table- by invitation
  14. Quarterly  Business Development Boot Camps (Live Streaming Version Only)
  15. Weekly Business development workshops
  16. YPC - make every day connections that truly matter.
our premium "E-Corpreneur Services" on going small business support package.  (12 mo. $1199 Value)
A Million Masters TraDigital Marketing Academy
 One 4 hour intensive $99 Monthly training Class - ($1199 Value)
It's our "PERFECT VISION 2020" BUSINESS SUPPORT PLATFORM. (Weekly Network/education meetings)

"Perfect Vision 

Introductory Presentation:

1 Day Event

  • Oct 20, 2020

  • 8am to 6pm

  • FREE per attendee

  • $2,020 Plus Value Package...

What's Included...

It's the most Power packed Boot Camp You will ever attend...

We are not going to send you home with home work.  Everything that will be presented in this boot camp will already be implemented into your very own special website that has been created for your amazing continued  after boot camp online business.


You will walk away from our boot camp with the most comprehensive Business Development and active management System that works for Every level of Entrepreneurship!

Click on the "Set Appointment" Box above and we'll artrange a one on one consultaion to show you what you can learn from our "Million Mastrs  Academy"

In the next few weeks we are going to be introducing an exciting array of personal and business training courses on line. If you are interested we would like to hear from you. What type of classes would you like to have?

Other eCourses

Training The Trainer

Become a certified professional Digital Marketing Specialist. Get paid to train the trainers in the BizTrend Solutions platform.

Click Here ... to learn more

"Small Business + A Single Platform x TraDigital Strategies= GREATEST SUCCESS"
Local Consumers will finally experience the true form of shopping local. Your customers will see more, and have greater access to relevant products and services that can be
purchased in their communities.