Even though it looks great, runs smooth and still has appeal, it just may not be the right vehicle for you in today's market!

Welcome to: BizTrend Solutions' 


" TraDigital Marketing  Masters Academy"

"Where we take ordinary people with a desire to excell... and provide the path, the tools and the training as well as the marketing platform that truns them into extraordinary

acheivers and professional Entrepreneurs"! 

This Home to Our Weekly Online Training  workshops, Seminars, Boot Camps & Expo's! Where every Week Is  about Empowering Our "Entrepreneurs" with the Education and Technologies, Tools and Training for Greater Success in their new community enterprize. 


We are excited to offer one of the most innovative education, training and coaching programs to all of our Licensee Entrepreneurs throughout Utah and surrounding states.


We are bringing together some of the most experienced and successful entrepreneurs in the area to teach, educate, mentor and coach all of our licensees and local business owners who are serious about starting, building and/or growing their business.

The following is an outline for the First Entrepreneurship Training week that is required for all of our new Community and Region Managers as well as the Community Assciate licensees. All are required to complete this course before they can function as a license inn their chosen communities. 


It's all about "YOU" The Person! What's most important to you!


In these 4 to 8 hour Entrepreneur Intensives you will participate in a more clear understanding about what it is that truly drives you, as well as exploring your strengths and weeknesses. It is our philosophy that a person who truly knows themself can be so much more efficiant in connecting, sharing and networking with others.    


​What's Your Business!


In this 8 hour Entrepreneur Intensive you will participate in naming, planning, building, branding, marketing, connecting, sharing and networking your new community business. You will actually build a virtual business we call “Macho Business Donkey Wrestler".  

What's Your Product and How Do You Get It To the Consumer!​


  • Learning the power of Social Media

  • Managed E-commerce

  • Customer Service

  • Weekly News Letters

  • E-mail Marketing Campaigns

  • Direct Marketing Campaigns

  • Customer Rewards

  • Pay Per Click Banners & Text Ads

  • And much more!


​This day of is dedicated to learning about the latest new technologies that allow for the strategic reach of local customers. We are introducing some of the most exciting and powerful local marketing tools and resources for empowering local marketing.


Everything has changed and we have changed everything to fit the new Ecosystem for doing business in an online and offline integration. We are truly creating the "New Normal" in the world of local business marketing'. ​Learn from our top Marketing experts, Business Developers, Marketers, Advisers and Mentors, along with Social Media Gurus and other Industry Leaders, who will teach, train and assist you in learning to choose and apply the right products for your Business Clients. 


Who's Your Customer and How Do You Connect to them!


  • Brick & Mortar

  • Home Based

  • Independent contractors

  • Distributors

  • All Entrepreneurs

  • Etc.

See Class schedule


 Our unique and innovative Local Community Business platform allows all local  businesses to add or claim a Local directory listing, post a video, place a classified ad and access our SuperStore and ad unlimited products and services to be marketed directly to the local Consumers.  


Getting Involved & Connecting with Your Community!


  • Planning events

  • Work with Non-Profits

  • Joining the Chamber

  • Get local TV & Radio participation

  • Press Releases regularly

  • Connect with local school activities

  • Etc.

See Class schedule


Getting involved in local events and programs is a fun, easy way to connect and engage with your community. Sponsoring a local youth sports team or having a booth at the upcoming crafts fair. It’s important to be a community sponsor.  Learn about all the many ways you can involve the local businesses in community.

Let's Review & See If You Are Ready for the Street!


  • Personal Priorities

  • Business Priorities

  • What's Your Product

  • Who Is Your Customer

  • How do you connect with your community.

  • What is your commitment as an exclusive community licensee!

  • How will you work with the team

  • What are your goals daily, weekly, monthly, Quarterly, first Year.

  • What is your commitment to the Team?

See Class schedule


Engaging and involving a broad range of community members in your community development activity is crucial to its success. Researchers  have noted the importance of involving people from the beginning of a project in determining objectives and identifying priorities and actions.

As you begin to grow your new community business it is important to build in a range of opportunities to be made available for citizens in the community to be involved. 

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