Leveling The Playing Field

Today, Technology is dramatically changing the dynamics for Small Business Success!

Due to The proliferation and sophistication of digital devices, big data technology platforms, and increasingly savvy customers accustomed to getting their way have combined to create the perfect storm--customers demanding excellence confronting fragmented companies struggling to provide it.

The competitive environment in the small business world has become more challenging. The current internet platform does not offer the Small to medium Businesses (SMB) or better known as the local Independent Business owners, the type of competitive balance that is needed to challenge the market share with local big box stores and the online giants like Amazon, and others.

Lacking The Platform

There is currently, no local community marketing platform that allows for a more competitive battleground between the small & the big businesses. Big businesses dominate the available media with weekly ads, Direct mailing Coupons by the hundreds, and flooding the air wave on TV and Radio, not to mention social media and online ads just about everywhere you look.

In order to compete with the big businesses, Customers need the advantage of accessing local businesses via all of those same outlets; online website, mobile apps, online catalogs, social media and e-mail & text messaging campaigns. The Small Businesses need to have a massive presence in all of those locations, just like the big boys, but currently, they just don't have it.

What is needed is a single marketing platform, that provides seamless access to the local businesses and their products and services, so the consumers can reach them via phone, the use of an app on smartphone, or through a tablet, laptop, or a desktop computer. Each consumer’s experience in accessing local business needs to be consistent and relevant!

As a small business, brick-and-mortar and/or online retailers, the thought of learning and employing yet another marketing strategy can be overwhelming. There needs to be a smooth and simple transition if the small businesses are going to participate in such a platform.

Leveling the Playing Field

Just imagine if all small businesses in any given community were all online in one platform. What if there was a platform that provided an actual replica of their current community with online access. A platform that would invite the local consumers just by the fact that they could find everything community in one place.

Well, there is such and animal, and it is just raising its monster head and about to re-take the local market place by storm. It is saying to the Big Boxes and giant online stores, move over, we want our market share back.

Small Business in the local communities is about to flourish again. There will be a run on new business startups that can finally get to their intended market on a single platform. There will be more jobs open up and the economic outlook for local communities will abound.

Watch for it. It's just around the corner. Late Spring 2017!

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"Small Business + A Single Platform x TraDigital Strategies= GREATEST SUCCESS"
Local Consumers will finally experience the true form of shopping local. Your customers will see more, and have greater access to relevant products and services that can be
purchased in their communities.