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Now... Get Big Box Marketing Strategies That Generate  Massive Local consumer Atttraction... At a Fraction of the Cost!

Direct mail  (5,000 Home Community Mailer Monthly) 


Get your products or services exposed to 5000 homes every month targeted to your local community consumers. Your ad will go into a high gloss professional prepared 11x17 folded flier with 30 to 45 business ads. We will not run any competitor ads each month so your business ad will be the only ad in your industry running in the months you choose to run. Click to see more...




E-mail Newsletter Marketing Campaign

(Your Coupon link in our e-mail to more than 5000 Local prospective customers weekly) Each week we e-mail our City Clickers Newsletter to thousands of double opted consumers in your community. Your business will be listed as one of our advertisers with a link connected directly to your coupon or ad at Learn more...


Personal Business  e-mail campaign

Prepared specific to your needs and targeted directly to your customer list. This is a custom campaign designed to reach your market within the budget you desire. All of our campaigns are designed to help build your local customer lists. In the beginning we can run the campaigns as well as teach you how to run your own campaigns in the future, providing you with an automated point and click campaign system. Learn More...




Txt Message Marketing Campaigns

(Your Coupon offer linkled to our general Intro Text message to many local prospective Customers smart phones. Txt messaging has become one of the most effective local marketing tools available today. We all know how much people are using their cell phones for just about everything. The real facts support the effectiveness of proper Txt messaging campaigns... 95% of Txt messages are oppened with in 3 to 4 minutes of the time they are received. Our goal is to present the campaigns in a way that your business will begin to build it's own consumer txt list that you will be able to connect with instantaneously any time you wish with just a minimal per txt fee.

Learn more...




Social Media marketing- (City Clickers -Face Book - Twitter - Pintrest - You Tube & More.)Social media is one of the most powerful, underused, and misunderstood marketing tools that exist today. But there has always been a very valuable and game changing piece missing, Until now. We are introducing that piece and it is called City The City Clickers local community platform brings a completion to the social media marketing circle. The real power of social media is in where you direct all of the likes and posts to achieve a decent conversion of lookers into buyers. With our City Clickers platform we can create the most powerful customer conversions for your business. Learn more...




City Clickers Supertore (E-commerce)
List Unlimited products & Services.Today it is of the utmost importance that your products and services are listed on line in an e-commerce store so that you can receive your share of the Billions of Dollars being spent on line every year. Estimates show that there are still more than 80% of the small businesses in most communities do not have an e-commerce presence.


That has to change and we can help your business do that. We have automated the entire e-commerce process making so easy that all you have to do is go to our store and list your products and we will do the rest. We will market and sell your products and services and when we have produce a sale we will send you the order with payment instantly and only keep 15% of the sale as our fee for all of the promotion and platform we have provided. And, it costs you nothing upfront. We get paid when you get paid. So our motivation is to help you get paid often. Learn More...



Your Own E-Commerce Store

Now you can have your own online e-commerce store fron for no upfront cost. You can send your online customers directly to youre store while at the same time everyone will be able to find your same products listed in the various categories throughout our City Clickers SuperStore. It's called the very best of both worlde. We market & Sell to thousands of your local market consumers ... You deliver! We also understand how busy most business owners are and know that time is an important commodity , so we offer our services to manage your store front by loading and managing it for you. There is a small monthly fee in addition to the 15% collected at time of sale but it leaves you totally free to do what you do best.Learn More...




Mobile Marketing - 

(QR Code - Txt Key word - Coupon Display)All coupons placed on City Clickers or posted in our online coupon pages as well as our direct mail campaigns are all made mobile accessable.  All coupons are promoted through our e-mail campaigns, and other online marketing strategies. We also create specific custom mobile coupon campaigns utilizing out Txt messaging platform, e-mail campaigns or our online City Clickers coupon ads platform. Much of this can be self managed or we can manage it all through various custom programs. Learn More...




Daily Deals promotion -
We are consistantly rotating featured ad coupons daily in our Communities - at City We offer a variety of Daily, weekly or monthly deals campaigns. Many can be easily managed by you or we can provide our team to manage all campaigns. Coupons, when used correctly can generate a lot of interest directed to a specific product you want to highlight in your business. We are not advocates of Groupon type coupons. that only makes Groupon money and hardly ever generates new loyal customers. Our coupon programs are designed specifically to create customer loyalty. Let us show you the power of targeted coupon marketing. Learn More...



Online Banner ad 
Random rotating ad placement- your City Clickers community page.We provide a fully automated banner server program that allows banners to be easily placed and tracked at thousands of locations in our City Clickers platform. This some of the most powerful lead generating and customer attracting activity available on the internet. We can help you build the most effective advertising campaign and provide all of the statistics you need to gather specific and targeted customer information.Learn more....



Posted 60 Sec Online Business Review

Posted on HTV City Clickers and a number of other Video share sites, including You Tube!Video is one of the most powerful and effective ways to connect to your customers. Today it is all about creating relationships. Customer loyalty type relationships, and video is the way to do that. We have a team of the most professional video production in the valley. We can create and post your videos in a variety of online locations as well as running your video on a number of TV Channels and prices you just won't believe. Learn more.



Television Ads, Shows and Business Profiles

We are currently negotiating deals on a number of local TV channels as well as our very own Chanel coming in June of 2014. We have two full production studios with green screen and beautiful sets that can be designed to fit any production needs. Learn More...

Check Out the Bundles... a sample of our "One Stop" bundled Media for Daily, Weekly & Monthly campaigns in our multiple community market areas. 

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