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A Revolutionary Platform That Supports The Unification Of Small Businesses in Their Local Communities

Yes, It's Finally Here. It's powerful, It's all inclusive...
and it's the Only Local community platform where all local business listings, products and services, coupon offers, and daily deals are published in one of the most innovative online communities. It is a platform of fully digitized local communities that offers a full Turnkey marketing service and e-commerce system that allows any merchant to list their products and services with no upfront fees.

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   It's Revolutionary

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It's Your One Stop TraDigital, Omni-Channel, Business Marketing Platform

The New Level Playing Field 

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Why Does Your Local Business Need To Be Here?


Here are Seven (7) places you need to be in our online platform so the everyday online shoppers will find you:

  • Business Directory

  • SuperStore

  • Daily Deals

  • Coupons

  • Weekly Newsletter 

  • Featured Businesses

  • Featured Products/Services

Now is the time to become a part of The Most Powerful Full "Online Marketing Platform"...

List  With Us Now... 

Did you know that more than 90% of local consumers and businesses turn to the Internet first when looking for local products or services! That means hundreds (if not thousands) of people in your local area are using the Internet to search for YOUR products and services right now. Will they find your business Online?

How Are We Leveling The Playing Field?

It's Still All About ...
Location, Location Location

By Solving the Existing Problem!


Did you know... that More than 60% of the Small businesses in America do not offer products or services for purchase online! That's a problem we want to help solve. 


Did you know... Amazon has 49% of all online retail sales?And growing rapidly every quarter.


Did you Know... when your local businesses is not online you are "Forcing" the local online shoppers to shop the big box stores to find  products or services that could most likely be found in local stores just like yours. Big box stores are winning by default.


Did you know... when consumers spend at the local businesses it keeps more money (65%) circulating locally as well as keeping the tax dollars local. Local shoppers also help create more jobs and boost the overall economy in each community.

Our focus is on providing powerful and affordable managed, local, online marketing strategies that truly allow the local small businesses a legitimate and powerful means to competing with the big box giants, and win!


Our Bundled packages are designed to expose your business to the largest number of potential customers via every effective advertising media available in your community.


We Connect Your Business to Your Customers 24 hrs a day 7 days a week by combining traditional marketing techniques with the new and most powerful digital technologies ever utilized in the same breath. 


Get Connected Now...Start winning back local customers

Small Businesses Need To... 

Think Bigger & Play Bigger!

Now they can... but many of the local small businesses haven't even stepped into the digital marketing arena, mostly due to the prohibitive cost and time factors required. I believe their is another problem, and that is a mind set. I think, from my survey of hundreds of small business owners, they think they are to small to compete with the big stores in their neighborhoods and online. It is partially true, but that kind of thinking needs to change and we are providing the way and means to do it.  

In order to compete... with the big box and online digital giants you have to do what they do.

Here are just a few things we offer that is going to change everything. As a small business competing for local consumers you need...

#1 your Business Listed In Your Local Community business directory. You will also need to post in your listing, a video, pictures and a few products or services you offer with links to your e-mail, coupon deals, and your Website. Learn More



#2... to have an e-commerce presence for your product or services available online for purchase. It is most important that when the consumer does finally find your business, your goods need to be available for purchase online. Click Here for More Info.



#3 ... a coupon deal! Something that will motivate the customer to check you out. Click Here for More Info



#4 ...to have a Social community presence in at least three to four social networks. .Click Here For More Info



#5 ...to be a part of an E-Mail Marketing campaign that goes out to your local consumers every week. Click Here For More Info



#6...to be mobile accessible. Your website and landing page must be mobile optimized. Click Here For More Info


#7...a video that introduces the owner, products and services your company has to offer. Your customers need to see your face and hear your voice so your business becomes a more personal experience. Click Here For More Info



#8...to have a TraDgital, Omni-Channel marketing presence. Which means, your business needs to be found everywhere the customer is looking every day, plus you need to be searchable on all devices! 


#9...to be participating in all of the above and more in a single platform environment...Click Here For More Info

Click Here ... to see how your small business can start competing with the biggest stores in your community for under a $100. Get your business participating in the most powerful local community marketing strategies, Today!

On Our Platform Your Business will be accessible...

1.on the most powerful local business platform...

.available to the mass consumer market place 24/7

on every device in every community. 

Desk Tops - Laptops - Mobile - Tablets

2.on the most powerful TraDigital Marketing System...

utilizing every available marketing media...

Newspaper - Radio - Direct mail - E-mail - Text Messaging - Social Media - SEO -- Video - Voicemail - Etc

This is not a survival platform...

This is where your business can prosper!

Click Here ... and see all of our great pre-launch package specials.  Get amazing savings, and get all the powerful tools you will ever need from one provider, in one convenient place online... and get connected.

We are now implementing our powerful TraDigital marketing campaigns

in communities from Logan To Provo! Join Us Now!

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