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Topic: The New Small Business Marketing Platform for Local Businesses



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Get Connected to the Right Stuff... GROW your Business the right way!

Our Instructors will connect you to all the right stuff to start your new Community Business, Including all the latest technologies that will allow you the advantages to truly be successful in the new economy! 

You will learn to adapt powerful and affordable everyday marketing programs of proven strategies for enhanced traditional business, to advanced technologies. You will learn to capture and analyze data, connect to your customers, build stronger and longer lasting relationships through quality customer service. You will quickly begin to build your brand identify. You will also begin to identify new and hidden trends applicable to your business, predict buying habits of your local customers and better identify more relevant daily deals and new product development. 

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Community as a Business

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TUESDAY- BuildingYour Business Model

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The following Classes and Instructors will provide direction and hands on application in connecting entrepreneurs, from Idea to revenue, with the tools and resources necessary for greater success in entrepreneurship.

This Weeks Schedule:


"It's Personal"​



"It's All About Business"



"Whats Your product"!




"Who Is Your Customer"



"Connect to Community"



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