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1.5 Million

Utah shoppers


  Well, That's Our Plan and ...

We Have Launched @...


Your Local...
"Community Online/Offline

Beginning Oct 1st, 2019

Now It's time to get your business launched into the most powerful local marketing platform to ever come along!


Your Business can Now Be easily exposed to thousands of prospective customers by Participating In our powerful "Tradition and Digital "  (TraDigital) Marketing platform.


We are empowering the Local Businesses with the all the tools and resources needed to compete and win their fair share of local shoppers at... "www.Golocalez.com 

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Online and Offline!

Now? When you Unite your business with every other business in your community @...


...you have the combined presence of ...


Soon, Local Shoppers will find everything they need without going to a Big Box Store!

A powerful Community Services Platform that isn't even available from any online big box retailer offering access to...

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A powerful E-commerce Platform that rivals any big box retailer...

  • Offering almost anything a person wants to buy from a local Business will soon be available to be shopped found and purchased online via your home computers, Laptops, tablets or mobile phones through mobile apps.

  • A platform that offers the same convenience the local  consumer has enjoyed from the big box stores except now it is available to find everything they want to shop for at their local businesses.

  • Hundreds of Products Displayed for online purchase and local same day pickup at local business.

  • Hundreds of coupons Displayed for special deals and discounts at local businesses.


  • Contractors, Local Florists, Beauty Salons, Fitness centers, Homes for sale, Cars and recreation vehicles, Health and fitness centers

  • An entertainment platform that offers the local consumer access to the Arts, Plays and Symphonies, Movie Theaters and Play Houses, Museums, Libraries and book stores. so much more from the local market place..

  • A full scale distribution center that is represented by independently owned local businesses owners offering the very best customer service possible with local same day pickup and delivery (by some) from the local business

Hundreds of coupons Displayed on line and through special monthly direct mail delivered to to every door in the community. Plus a variety of daily special deals and discounts at local businesses.
That's How we make it
possible for... 

Small Businesses to become The


...in our Local market places!

Small Business Benefits: Participation in a robust and aggressive local community marketing campaign that links ads, coupons, blogs, and videos, to every type of media available in the community. 

Now is the time... to get your business listed and accessible to your local consumer marketplace by participating in our revolutionary... 

"TraDigital Omni-Channel Marketing Packages".






Here's What You Get...

 Direct mail  (5,000 Home Community Mailer Monthly)     

Get your products or services exposed to 5000 homes every month targeted to your local community consumers.

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E-mail Newsletter Marketing Campaign

(Your Coupon link in our e-mail to more than 5000 Local prospective customers weekly) Each week via our TrendCity Buzz Newsletter  Learn more...


Personal Business  e-mail campaign

Prepared specific to your needs and targeted directly to your customer list. This is a custom campaign designed to reach your market within the budget you desire.  Learn More...


Text Message Marketing Campaigns

(Your Coupon offer Learn more... linked to our general Intro Text message to many local prospective Customers smartphones. 95% of Txt messages are opened within 3 to 4 minutes of the time they are received.Learn More... 


Social Media marketing- Face Book - Twitter -Trend City Buzz -Pintrest - You Tube & More.)The real power of social media is in where you direct all of the likes and posts to achieve a decent conversion of lookers into buyers. Learn more...


Trend City Buzz Superstore (E-commerce)

List Unlimited products & Services.Today it is of the utmost importance that your products and services are listed online 

Learn More...


Your Own E-Commerce Store

Now you can have your own online e-commerce storefront for no upfront cost. Learn More...


Mobile Marketing

 All coupons are promoted through our e-mail (QR Code -
campaigns, and other online marketing strategies.  Learn More...


Coupon Display

All coupons placed on Trend City Buzz or posted in our online coupon pages as well as linked to all social media.Learn More...


Daily Deals promotion -We offer a variety of Daily, weekly or monthly deals campaigns consistently rotating through featured ad coupons daily in our Communities. Learn More...


 Online Banner ad 
Random rotating ad placement- fully automated banner server program allows banners to be easily placed and tracked at thousands of locations. Learn More..


Posted 60 Sec Online Business Review

Posted on HTV City Clickers and a number of other Video share sites, including You TubeLearn More...


 Television Ads, Shows and Business Profiles

We are currently negotiating deals on a number of local TV channels as well as our very own Chanel coming soon!

Learn More... 

We Are No Longer Restricted to  

marketing media limitations"?

Digital Media

Traditional Media

Traditional and Digital Marketing Strategies

Have both Been Around At The Same Time But

Haven't Worked Together Like They Should or

Could have!

 The consumers aren't sure where the best avenue is to find the products they want and the business owner is sure where to advertise and promote their products and services. 


So, the best way to get in front of all potential customers is to have a presence in all channels. Currently that is really hard to do and mostly un-affordable for a small business to advertise on multiple media platforms.


Until Now! Now you can choose one of our Omni-Channel packages and have a presence across your entire community in almost every channel the consumer is going to be searching. 


TraDigital marketing is having your business present in every media in your

community, every day!

Then, No matter which media your customer accesses, your business can be found! 24/7/365

So, What's "TraDigital Marketing"?

TraDigital, IsThe New Normal in Small Business Success In Community Marketing!

"Imagine taking all that's right about Traditional Marketing and combining it with the savvy of Digital to create advertising packages that would establish and facilitate a consistent and clear communication, between  geo targeted market places, across every media, 24/7".

Here's the Behind The Scenes Work We Do To Ensure Your Success

1. Building Loyal Customers


Building a large, dedicated, loyal base of local community fans and customers is the key to successful TraDigital marketing.


The main goal of TraDigital marketing is to utilize all forms of media & communications to reward your customers for their loyalty, through continually offering incentives to encourage  repeat customers.

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2. Quality, Not Just Quantity


The digital roadmap to hyper-local is different than reaching out to a national audience. Local marketing isn’t about the number of hits, but rather the quality of the leads that come in. Keep audience size and demographic in mind, and remember it’s not just about return, it’s about value.


We test, measure and learn about your local consumers through the use of a variety of analytics to gain insights into how can we can adjust your efforts and tweak your messages to improve your hyper-local marketing impact.

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3. Multiple Platforms

Hyper-local communication on a variety of platforms is the new must-have accessory for marketers. Location-based information works well on Twitter and Facebook, You Tube and Pintrest and many other social platforms. E-mail and Text messaging are powerful platforms as well as all of the Mobile devices, Smart phones, Tablets, and Laptops.


Our campaigns are all designed around your customers and prospects. What are their favorite digital channels? Should you be using a blog, an app, or other social network to reach them locally? We make sure your customers are finding you on all channels.

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4. Tracking & Feed Back


Local is relevant. Feed back is king! No matter what service or product, the beauty of TraDigital is that users truly want the most meaningful and relevant information.


We make an extended effort to think through how your business and brand is experienced on a local level, and proactively collect consumer data, whether it’s through email or social media feedback, discussion forums, product, and business reviews.


We capture and analyze the behavior of your target audience and provide extensive reports for your review.

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