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What's Your Product

Classes, Workshops, Series & Courses!

GROW your Business with the right product!

Our Instructors will connect you to all the right tools and resources to build a start up business, or enhance your current business with all the latest technologies that will allow you the advantages to truly be successful in the new social economy! 

You will learn to adapt powerful and affordable everyday social marketing programs of proven strategies for integrating into traditional business, as well as advanced digital technologies that enhance the over all marketing strategies of a growing business.

You will learn to capture and analyze data, connect to your customers, build stronger and longer lasting relationships through quality customer service. You will quickly begin to build your brand identify.

You will also begin to identify new and hidden trends applicable to your business, predict buying habits of your local customers and better identify more relevant daily deals and new product development. 

The following Classes and Instructors will provide direction and hands on application in connecting entrepreneurs, from Idea to revenue, with the tools and resources necessary for greater success in entrepreneurship.

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Other Classes

Featured Topics & Speakers

“To Be Truly Successful . . .  You Must Work LESS!”​

​Get unstuck, accomplish more than ever, attain the business success and personal wealth of your dreams . . .  and have time for a fun life; it’s not about working smarter, it’s about working LESS . . .  and this session proves it!

INSTRUCTOR:  Ron Baron                    Class Fee:                                               Register Now!

“You Can Sell at Prices HIGHER than Your Competition!”  (#1 rated!)​

Cut through the myth that you must lower pricing to “get the order” in today’s economy; sell more and at HIGHER pricing; a true margin booster!

INSTRUCTOR:   Ron Baron                      Class Fee: $

“NEVER Sell What Your Client Wants!”

Drop you deep-seeded ideas about why you’re in business and what you sell; follow the wealth-building techniques of physicians and your competition becomes meaningless, you can ignore your clients’ budgets, and catapult your business with ease!

INSTRUCTOR:  Ron Baron                    Class Fee: $                                               Register Now!


“Creative Brainstorming”​

You’re not stuck in the box, the box is stuck in you; learn to think backwards and inside-out to help you, your organization, or your clients to truly innovate!


Class Fee: $                                               Register Now!

“Develop a Strategic Marketing Plan . . .  that INCLUDES Your Life!”

Rethink your strategy from the market’s perspective; learn the simple tool that defines which of the initiatives on your plate MUST be worked on first; make sure your business feeds your personal life (not vice-versa)!


Class Fee: $                                            Register Now!

“Avoid Burnout and Stay Motivated”

You’ve achieved success and hit a plateau; put the fun and excitement back in your business; you’ll align your personal and business goals and it won’t feel like work!​


Class Fee: $                                              Register Now!


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